What’s Old Is New at Your Vintage Wedding

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Trends in the wedding world are moving more and more towards yesteryear. Vintage weddings are one of the hottest themes out there right now. The style is gorgeous and putting the whole thing together is very attainable. Whether you want to go full out with representing the past of just want a few classic pieces, one of the easiest ways to do this is through your hair styling and accessories.

It’s Not All About the Dress

Every bride seems to spend an exuberant amount of time stressing over finding the perfect dress, but they rarely give that much thought to their bridal hairstyles and accessories. It is important to consider at least the very basic concept of your styling before purchasing your dress so you can really get the picture of you as a bride.

Making it Vintage With Your Hairstyle

There are so many vintage bridal hairstyles to choose from. No matter if you want your hair fully up, partially down, or flowing freely, there are certain ways of styling that will give the soft, romantic, and vintage look you are going for. Incorporating pin curls and the classic wave into your hairstyling can be just the thing to bring the whole look together. If you do not want to tame you hair by putting it up, having flowing waves can still give you that soft look.

Bring on the Accessories

Other rising trends are the fascinators, hair combs, and birdcage veils. Adding a beautiful statement piece to your hairstyling can really give it that vintage touch. It is important to remember that when it comes to hair accessories, less is more. So don’t try and overdo it with too many things going on at once or your up-do could end up looking like a bird’s nest.

What Time is Your Wedding?

You may be unaware that the time of day your wedding takes place can actually play a big role in how you style your hair. If you have a morning or midday wedding, you will want a softer and natural looking styling. In the late afternoon and evening however, you are free to go full out glamorous and be very elegant with you look.

No matter what direction you decide to take with your vintage hairstyling just remember that it should be a decision you make in corporation with other styling choices such as your dress.


This is a guest post.    Mercedes Potter lives, breaths and eats popular fashion trends. In this post, she shares ways to subtly incorporate vintage style into your wedding day. Follow her @CedesPotter to see what else she’s been blogging about. 


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