Where to Find Mr. Right For You

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Cinderella had Prince Charming, Barbie has Ken and Eve had Adam.  So where is the love of your life?  Depending on your age and how loud your biological clock may be, ticking finding someone special to share your life with can creep up on your list of priorities.

Even if you’re not at an age to contemplate marriage and children every woman wants to have companionship and a loving relationship. But where do you find men that would make compatible mates?  The most important part of that question lies in the word compatible.

Men and women alike tend to seek out partners in places that are not conducive to who they are or what they want in a mate.  If you’re a vegetarian are you really expecting to meet Mr. Right at Billy’s Steakhouse?  Or if you’re allergic to pets are you lingering at the cutie in the pet store?

The question remains, where do you find Mr. Right? If you are sensible enough to adjust that to Mr. Right for you, then you just might meet him sooner than later.  Unfortunately many women are indeed waiting for the perfect man.  Then there are those who accept anyone that comes their way.  There is also a very special group of women who answer the call from any man that looks a certain way, drives a certain car or has a certain status.

In reality are any of these situations ideal to start something as life changing and powerful as love? No, they aren’t.  If you want love, you want to be with someone with whom you are compatible and genuinely interested in.

Ladies, your Soul Mate, The One, Mr. Perfect is closer than you think.  Too many women love to say there are no men.  In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, they’re everywhere.  So where are all the men?

They’re in the same isle at the grocery store with you.  They are checking out the same books that you’re reviewing at Barnes and Nobles and they are sitting two pews behind you in church.  What am I talking about?  Your local scene ladies.

Are you in the gym every Tuesday and Thursday night?  Guess what?  There is a man whose schedule finds him the same gym every Tuesday and Thursday night.  Wouldn’t you rather date someone who is just as health conscious as you are?

Do you love comedy clubs?  The next time you go to a comedy club with your girlfriends keep your eyes open for someone laughing just as hard as you are at the same lines.

If you are really serious about meeting someone new and starting something meaningful and lasting then consider what is important to you and connect with them who share those same priorities.  Settling for less will only keep you single.   

Now that you know, get out there.  Pay attention and be realistic.  Love is the most wonderful emotion that is freely available to all of us.  If you’re gonna fall, fall for the right person.  So stop wondering where to find Mr. Right and start being open to Mr. Right for you.

Please share your thoughts below.  Is this advice practical?  Where did you find your special man?


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