Where Would You Like to Meet the Queen of Your Heart? – Here’s My Story

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Love is one of the strongest emotions that humans can ever experience. It is hot and sweet! It is pleasurable and infatuating! When cupid’s arrow strikes, people, both male and female, find no shields because it is the most steady and fiercest of arrows. You feel it but can never touch it. You roll over under the pressure of emotional streams but you cannot control it. No wonder, the people of yore philosophized wisely that love is blind.

Some time back in the year 2000, I got pierced by cupid’s arrow. It came suddenly and without anticipation. Who would be prepared to meet the queens of their hearts inside public transport vehicles? It never occurred to me that such an encounter would ever happen. After all, I was traveling just as usual to work and was having loads of tasks to think about.

Engrossed in my usual brainstorming, I never noticed when the lady Susan Genie boarded the bus. I only realized that she was seated next to me when her pen fell to the floor and she excused herself to pick it. But how could she do so in her skin-tight dress without invoking the attention of everyone in neighboring seats? The purplish executive pen fell to the floor and rolled to over a meter from her seat. She quickly left her seat to go for it and I was awakened back to my immediate environment by her movement.

Genie was no common lady. She was the kind that every man would immediately want to know her name. Her stunning beauty, exquisitely slim body, and hotly rounded face sparked immediate emotions in me. Besides, she was well-groomed and adorned well-chosen dress. I was struck more by her apparently simple demeanor and her reserved bearing.

Our conversation went as smooth as a stage-managed action. We quickly shared our contacts with a sense of security that even left me surprised. In fact, it never seemed to me that it had happened. I was like a man in a slumber and conversing with a long-time girlfriend, planning whatever else to do with our lives.

Two days later, in a sunny park, on a Sunday afternoon we were swearing to the hearing wind that we would strive to write our love story. And several meetings after this helped us to bond more and to learn just how much we could live together. Genie loved me and I loved her back with equal zeal. Her absence would immediately send rain-clouds of gloom and empty loneliness on me. I would feel it and I would regret it. Ours appeared like one of the maddest of infatuations. However, we decided not to rush into our matrimonial home without adequate preparations.

Five years of preparations appeared like a century. We seemed to be living apart in two different worlds, barred from each other and painfully trying to persevere. Yet, we always met and shared as much love as we could offer each other. There must be some natural magnetic element that drives people crazily into marriage and that magic seemed to have worked powerfully between us. So when our big day came to pass, it was like the lifting of the heaviest load I ever carried off my shoulders. And when I look back to the day of our meeting and to our ever growing experience of love, I can never fail to smile with bewilderment.

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