Why Are The Divorce Rates So High?

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About 60 percent of all marriages that eventually end in divorce do so within the first 10 years.  Although some people believe the divorce rates are at 50%, it is more around 40%.  Those who get married at ages 20-24 have the highest divorce rate and those ages 25-29 have the second highest divorce rate.  What are the reasons for the breaking this vow of eternal love?

1)      Waiting too long to find solutions to marital problems.  She has complained many times that you don’t put enough effort into the marriage.  You are insensitive to her needs, yet you think in your head that she isn’t going anywhere because you two are bound together financially and have children together.  Communicate and address problems in a timely manner.  Romance doesn’t have to stop as soon as you sign the marriage contract.  You are supposed to put in a lifelong effort into this marriage.

2)      Marrying for the wrong reasons.  Your parents and everyone else expected you two to get married after the X amount of years that you’ve already been together.  They all seem to think you guys match each other perfectly.  Or you felt behind in life because all your friends were already married and you rushed into things.

3)      Lack of commitment.  Things get tough and there is no quick fix, so you give up.  Marriage will not always be a walk in the park.  Don’t give up until you have exhausted all options or if you are in immediate harm like in an abusive marriage.

4)      You seek comfort elsewhere.  For some reason, you don’t go directly to your partner to try to work things out.  The more you argue, the more you do not want to be around him and you seek comfort elsewhere.  Just because you feel like he isn’t treating you right or is making you happy, it is not a justifiable reason to throw out your marriage vows of loyalty and cheat on him.  The time that you spend with your new boy toy can be spent on working on your marriage.

5)      The passion just isn’t there anymore.  Your ideals about marriage is childish if you think there will be never ending happiness at all times.  All relationships evolve over time.  Set aside alone time WITHOUT the children for a weekly date night.  Go to a marriage counselor if you have to.

Marriage vows are meant to be taken seriously, so do so.



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