Why Do Women Spend So Long in the Bathroom?

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Bathroom Miror

Bathroom Mirror

In my house there is a lot of estrogen flying around. My wife and I have two beautiful daughters. They are the apples of our eyes. But why is it that they spend at least thirty minutes each in the bathroom every morning. On the odd occasion that I don’t make it into the bathroom before them in the morning, I am late for work. Not I may be late for work… I am late. So what are they doing?

When I go in I use the toilet, brush my teeth, shave, have my shower and am out. Ten minutes max, then on with my day. Even that ten minutes are resented for the time they have taken out of my day.  Not the women in the family though – oh no.

Mirror Work

I understand that they must beautify themselves in front of the mirror and all that, but surely that can’t take so long. I see the shelves full of lotions and potions in the bathroom and I wonder how many of them they use every day during their daily routine. It must be a very confusing way for anyone to start their day.

I tried setting time limits for them. “In and out in twenty minutes please”. I thought that was generous. They laughed at me “Oh Dad you are so funny!” When I asked them why it takes them so long I get the same answer “Dad, you know a girl has to look her best”. I have tried asking my wife… but she is just the same. It is like we are different animals, different species.

According to Women’s Health this is the breakdown of the average women’s morning routine.

  • Five minutes eating breakfast
  • Eight minutes in the shower
  • Eight minutes getting dressed
  • Fifteen minutes putting on their make up
  • A whopping eighteen minutes drying and styling their hair

Five minutes out of fifty-four eating breakfast. There has got to be something wrong there. When I first say this I was encouraged though.

Move the Mirror

The only thing that needs to be done in the bathroom is the shower. So if I could get the hair and make-up relocated to their bedrooms then the bathroom would be vacant in the morning. No?

I have bought bathroom mirrors for the girls to use in their bedrooms. I have got them a dressing table. The lotions, or many of them, have been re-homed in their rooms. They have their own special place for hair and make-up.

You know what? It has worked. It has on average halved the time they spend in the bathroom. They now have a designated functional space for their beautification and there was little to no resistance to the habit change. I guess I just made it easier for them to use their bedroom space.

Hopefully this will inspire others to use the space in their home more constructively. I am considering a walk in wardrobe for the wife. I know she would love that.

. . .

Has anyone else got some great tips that can help us to get over a male female struggle?

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