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People have a tendency to think that they’re the only ones who engage in certain dating-related behaviors. However, they’d quickly realize how normal they are if they knew the real facts.

In reality, most people lie at least a little on their online dating profiles… and an awful lot of people find movies, bars, or clubs to be tired, boring locations for first dates. The great majority of people Google their dates before meeting up, too! You’re far from the only one.

Check out this handy infographic for even more interesting facts and figures in regards to today’s dating scene. Find out just how many couples actually meet online these days.

Learn why concert tickets or Las Vegas event tickets are much better first date options than the old school “dinner and a movie” option. Even find out just how many people’s New Year’s resolution was to finally find love in 2013. The answers may surprise you!

The dating infographic was created by Nick B., an avid concert and theater goer in order to inform society of great date ideas.


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