Your Wedding: Should You DIY or Hire Professionals?

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The DIY (do it yourself) trend is stronger than ever for weddings these days. Making things yourself can be a great way to save money, personalize your wedding, and show your creative side. It can also be overwhelming, messy, and more expensive than expected. This is a look at whether or not you should DIY your wedding or hire professionals to plan the event for you.

DIY Weddings Take a Lot of Time. If you are starting your wedding planning well in advance and you have a reasonable amount of free time during evenings and weekends, you can probably handle the time commitment involved in planning a DIY wedding (as long as you are not a procrastinator!). For many brides-to-be, the time spent handcrafting paper flowers, making invitations, or embroidering monograms on little pouches to hold the gifts for the bridesmaids is truly pleasurable, and therefore time well spent. On the other hand, if your life is already crazy busy and stressful, adding hours and hours of obligatory crafting to your schedule is going to drive you insane and make you come to hate the whole wedding planning process.

DIY Weddings Need Resources. You know the type of woman who always seems to have the coolest accessories or decor in her home that she stumbled across in a thrift shop? She is probably a whiz at sourcing things, and will have no trouble rounding up a perfectly imperfect collection of vintage hobnail vases for the centerpieces or the ideal slab of wood for making a rustic cake stand. These days the Internet also makes it easier than ever to track things down, particularly cut flowers. However, you will still need to gather a huge number of resources if you intend to DIY your whole wedding, so be sure you will be able to find what you need, and that the cost won’t be more than having a professional do it for you.

DIY Weddings Work Best For Certain Wedding Themes. It is no coincidence that rustic, eclectic, and homespun weddings have become increasingly popular at the same time that the DIY craze has grown; those themes lend themselves to making creative wedding elements that look homemade. If you love the idea of a barn wedding with casual flowers in Mason jars, chalkboard menu signs, and a family quilt on the gift table, then going the DIY route makes a lot of sense. But for the bride who envisions a regal fantasy with not a detail out of place from the tips of her designer shoes (with the perfect crystal ornament to match her Swarovski wedding jewelry) to the artfully draped ceiling to the grand centerpieces, handcrafting everything will be next to impossible. Be realistic; simpler is better when you have to make it all yourself.

DIY Weddings Are Personal. One of the nicest things about wedding for which the bride made a lot of things is that they are bound to have her personal stamp on it. When your hands made the wreath on the church doors or stenciled the phrase on the aisle runner, it will be extra special. DIY weddings tend to be a lot of work, but all of that hard work will definitely pay off in the end.

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