New Relationship: Should You Buy Birthday Presents?

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love-giftYou have only been seeing each other for a few days or a couple of weeks. You have been on a date or two, but you aren’t really a couple yet. You’re taking it slow and seeing how it goes. But one of your birthdays is coming up in a few days.

If it is the other person’s birthday, should you buy them a gift? If it is your birthday, should you be disappointed if they don’t buy you one?

One of the most difficult things to figure out in a brand new relationship is buying presents. If you had been together for longer, or if you had put a more committed label on your relationship, there would be no question about whether or not to buy each other gifts.

However, since you are practically strangers at this point and you don’t have any formal commitment, the etiquette is a little bit ambiguous.

Acknowledge the Birthday

First of all, no matter how long you have been seeing each other, you should at least do a little something to acknowledge the person’s birthday, as this is the polite thing to do. Birthdays are important to people and if we acknowledge the birthdays of our co-workers and acquaintances we should definitely acknowledge the birthdays of the people we date.

If you totally ignore their birthday, you can be seen as quite rude even if you haven’t been dating for that long. Think about it, if it was your birthday and they acted like it was just any other day wouldn’t you feel a little bit annoyed? Everyone likes to feel special on that one special day of the year.

However, Don’t Go Too Expensive

When you are buying a gift for a person who you are in a brand new relationship with, avoid getting them anything extremely expensive. This will be a little bit overwhelming and they will wonder why you are spending so much money on them when you don’t know them that well.

Instead, why not recognise their birthday in a casual, fun and low-key way. You can get them a simple, inexpensive present that is sweet, thoughtful and playful. You can also give them a cake or cupcakes, take them out to lunch, buy then a drink, or give them a funny card.

There are many simple, sweet and inexpensive ways to say “Happy Birthday”. When you do something like this, you will be making them feel special without overwhelming them with an expensive gift.

An Opportunity to Take Things Further

If things are going well and you are hoping to progress to the next level, giving the other person a birthday gift can be an opportunity to show them how much you mean to them. You don’t have to cover their bedroom in rose petals and write them a song as this might be a little over the top.

However, if you give them a sweet and thoughtful gift that they are not expecting, they will probably be pleasantly surprised and realise that you take the relationship seriously.

If you think things are going really well, this might be your chance to see if they want to call the relationship official. Of course, only do this if you are pretty certain that they will say yes and don’t push them if they are not ready because no one wants to be in an awkward conversation on their birthday.

Of course, the right birthday etiquette will depend on your particular situation and what you both feel comfortable with. Get a gift that feels appropriate and that will put a smile on their face and they will really appreciate your kindness.

Pipa Rose is a blogger who believes that buying birthday gifts for your new partner early on in your relationship is a great way of telling them that you take your relationship seriously. However, you should not buy something which is overly expensive as this can put your potential partner off.

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