10 Minute Guide to Fly an Airplane

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When it comes to flying a plane a lot more is needed than just a plane. A lot of people when they first start looking into buying or flying a jet think that the only thing they need is some training and a license. While this is what you legally need in order to take a plane off the ground, it certainly is not the only thing that you require.

Once you own a jet or fly a jet on a regular basis its maintenance becomes similar to the maintenance of a car. Some people say that you never truly pay off a car, because you are continually placing money into your investment to keep it moving. The same is true of a plane.

Some items you need to purchase in order to make the plane usable such as fuel. After all, without fuel or oil you will never be able to get the plane into the air. Therefore, it is only reasonable to budget for these costs.

On the other hand, some items are very large safety issues, such as engine maintenance, landing gear equipment, and other top items. These things need to be checked and maintained because if anything were to go wrong then the entire plane would be at risk. Obviously, this is the lethal danger of flying, so anything that affects the overall ability of the plane to maintain its flight is an investment you cannot skip.

Oftentimes, regular checks of the engine and safety checks can prevent anything from being missed so that a bad outcome never occurs. Some airports will even require you to have a safety check performed every so many ‘miles’ before they will even allow the plane or jet to take off from their runways. In this case, instead of looking at the costs as a nuisance, think of them as extra protection on your life and investment while you are in the air.

Other items you purchase for comfort and functionality.  For instance, you will need headgear and a headset so that you can communicate in the cockpit of a plane. This is a requirement, but the type that you purchase depends on your own personal preference.

Of course, if you want to have a more enjoyable flight you will want to put some time into your purchase so that you can make sure you purchase headgear that is going to be comfortable to wear. You have to have it on your entire flight, so you will want to carefully pick out something that is not going to bother you.

The David Clark DC h10 13.4 is a great headset that will help to muffle the noise of the cockpit and the engine while also allowing you to communicate with ground control or anyone else in the cockpit. Plus, with a double foam head pad and a comfort gel under the ears, you could wear this thing for hours and still not feel constricted at all which is one of its top selling points.

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