10 Typical Misconceptions About Microsoft SharePoint

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Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative platform for corporations that allows users to access important information through a customized interface.

It is a versatile program that can perform a variety of functions specifically geared toward enterprise use. Because it has such a wide scope, a variety of misconceptions about the software have arisen. Listed here are the top 10 misconceptions of Microsoft SharePoint.
1. SharePoint doesn’t run on Macs and iPads
Even though SharePoint is a Microsoft product, they have created a version which will integrate with a variety of platforms, not just Windows.

2. SharePoint should be managed by IT
While having IT monitor the project is important (and can help to prevent potential disasters), SharePoint is designed to be managed by the business itself.

3. SharePoint is easy, just install it and see the benefits
Unfortunately, SharePoint won’t solve all corporate ills without a proper plan in place. A proper deployment should include a strategy for implementation and sufficient training so all users can leverage its capabilities.

4. It is only a glorified file store
SharePoint does a lot more than just store files. It can improve internal communication through its use of wikis and blogs, and provides a platform for interaction and collaboration.

5. SharePoint is for collaboration, not for running critical LOB systems
SharePoint is a fully featured LOB application framework. It integrates with other Microsoft and 3rd party products all the way from Data storage to presentation.

6. It always looks like SharePoint
New features within SharePoint have made customizing web sites easier and they are now indistinguishable from any other site on the net.

7. Only our IT department can install it
Local installation and use can be done entirely without IT experts. However, enterprise-wide deployment can be more difficult and should be done with the advice and help of the IT department.

8. It shouldn’t need custom development
SharePoint’s versatility can only be fully unlocked with custom developments. While the default settings and functionality will enhance the corporation, even small custom developments can improve the functionality significantly.

9. Everyone’s using it so we should
While SharePoint is capable of improving work flow for a lot of companies, it isn’t right for everyone. Before deploying it on a corporate level, a full cost-benefit analysis should be done alongside other smaller, more specialized products.

10. SharePoint is a one-off project!
With the vast amount of customization and adaptation available, its usefulness only increases as it is used more in the business. It can adapt and grow with any business.

To cut a long story short SharePoint is one of the most adaptable programs made by Microsoft and handles a variety of functions within the enterprise. By taking the time to understand its features and customize it to the business, it can be leveraged to save time, increase communication, and improve collaboration.

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