2013 Overview of the Smartphone Wars

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As we go further into 2013, the war of the smartphones is more agitated than ever. For the first time since “smartphone” became a mainstream concept some six years ago, the iPhone is no longer the most desired and best-selling device.

Make no mistake: Apple’s brand of high-end smartphones is in great shape and good health… but in at the turn of the previous year, they were surpassed by Samsung and their vast offering of smartphones. Oh, and the official paramount of technophile desire is now officially the Galaxy S, whose fourth revision was just released to the public in the last few days.

Which goes to say that times are a-changing and the smartphone industry is fast shifting; no one know exactly how the panorama will evolve in the upcoming year, but you can bet that Apple will not just sit down peacefully watching their laurels being usurped by the Korean giant.

Here’s an infographic that illustrates the latest developments in the smartphone wars, as well as casting some bold predictions for the future:

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