3 Alternatives To Big-Name Technologies

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email-from-ipadWe all want to be a little hipster sometimes.

Before being hipster was an actual meme or a thing that was popular, it simply used to be being someone who preferred alternatives to things.

Which in all honesty isn’t the worst thing in the world.

You want to be able to have “back-ups” ready for when things go down. For example I use 3 different mail apps on my phone!

I know that gets pretty nuts at times, but thanks to having a Microsoft Exchange server for my email, if I check my mail in one place it read it in the other apps as well.

The point is: having alternatives isn’t being a hipster. It’s actually just being smart!


I lightly touched on this earlier, but I really wanted you guys to see how great some of the other apps/programs there are out there.

Yes there are plenty of email servers and email providers that are available, but not all of them should be used. For example I cannot stand Outlook on my iPhone but I absolutely love it on my computer!

If you are using the generic Mail app on your apple computer, or just using a browser, open your mind up to some of the different services out there! You will want to check out the app “Mailbox”.

All amazing features aside, it is one of the most beautiful apps in the whole entire world! It can essentially tell you when to read emails just by swiping one way. It’s amazing!

Note Taking

Maybe you have an iPhone, Mac, or Windows PC and you are not totally in love with what comes on it when it comes to note taking and “sticky note” apps. Well have no fear… I have got just the thing for you!

You will want to check out the app “Evernote”! It’s honestly perfect. I rated it a 5/5 stars on the app store. Believe me that’s rare, I am very picky about my apps!

Essentially what its doing is letting you take notes whenever, wherever and how ever you would like! All you need is a laptop, computer, PC, Mac, or iPhone & android to run this thing! Seriously all platforms have it!

Whenever you take notes on it, it sends up everything to the cloud storage that every user gets (trust me you will never run out) and then gives you the option to see it everywhere else!

Home Security

When I used to live with my parents, I was in a place in my life to where I didn’t really care about security or honestly anything serious… until we got broken into. That basically changed everything.

They honestly did not take much. Now that I remember, they did a pretty terrible job! Well their failure is my success. I still have all my belongings.

Anyway, after that point and time I was very angry that someone thought it was okay for them to come in my house and take what they want! Not cool!

I then moved out and got both my family and I set up with a home security monitoring company that made us feel very safe!

When I was living with my parents they had some real crappy company and the problem was it was a huge company, so I made sure that we would not get stuck in that trap. I made sure I found a much better alternative to that!

See, alternatives aren’t that bad! Yes the big guys really do their job, but they tend to be greedy and dated!

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