3 Easy Ways to Stifle Spyware

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Spyware programs are the parasites of the information software world. They allow themselves onto your computer and use it’s resources to collect private data and send you ads.

Without taking precautions, accruing a hefty collection of spyware on your computer is an easy thing to do. The steps you take to prevent this, luckily, are easy as well.

  • Get anti-spyware software: Anti-spyware software, like anti-virus software, is exactly what it sounds like. You can use it to run scans at least every week to check for spyware that may have downloaded itself onto your system, and it will automatically remove it for you when it finds it.

    My personal recommendation is Spybot S&D which has, among other features, a handy immunization tool that automatically takes measures to keep known spyware off your computer. MalwareBytes is another popular option.

  • Use a good browser: Are you reading this article with Internet Explorer? Stop. Internet Explorer is an infamously inferior browser compared to others freely available on the net, due in large part to it’s security flaws.Some folks are aware of this fact but are slow to switch because they’re familiar with IE. Do yourself a favor, get over the hump, and install Mozilla Firefox (my personal favorite), Google Chrome, or Opera.
  • Use NoScript: This tip only applies to our Mozilla users. NoScriptis an add-on that disables certain web plugins that can be abused on all websites by default, and as you use it you can set it to “trust” known, safe web pages.It blocks plugins such as Flash and Javascript, which you may not be familiar with by name, but you will notice when they are blocked. Operating NoScript is a breeze, and though it may take some time to learn what hosts to trust, it’s a hurdle well worth the while.

Keeping spyware at bay is one of your top priorities in keeping your computer running as fast as the day you got it.

The simple steps, in combination with common sense caution, above should be effective in preventing a majority portion of possible spyware from installing to your computer.

Remember to check your system regularly and you should be in good shape.


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