3 Great Free iPhone Apps for Psychology Professionals

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In a world with an ever-growing supply of iPhone applications, no profession is left untouched by the deluge. Psychology professionals who have yet to jump on this particular boat, then, are missing out on some truly helpful apps.

Of course, no app is yet available that will cover all the research a psych professional must complete in order to stay up to task in this demanding field, but what the latest mobile technology does offer is many amazing resources to assist both professionals and patients in further bettering select aspects of psychological health.

After carefully sorting through the many psychology applications iTunes has to offer, we’ve come to the conclusion that these three are the best that psych professionals can hope to find. Of course there are plenty more where those came from in terms of innovation and usefulness for the professional. Although this list may not be the most comprehensive, we believe these are the three apps iPhone users should be downloading right now.

Psych Guide

This application is geared toward the beginner or student of psychology, but it was created by a couple of professionals – David Webb and Dr. Michael Britt – with spreading the good word in mind. Students, professionals and psychology novices alike can use Psych Guide to better understand just what it is that makes us tick; the app makes finding and researching any given concept a simple process. With the latest version, users can listen to audio clips of Freud and Skinner explaining their takes on the field. Psych Guide 2.1 is free and currently boasting a five-star rating. Obviously Webb, a psychology teacher and creator of the All-About-Psychology website, and Britt, host of The Psych Files podcast, know their stuff.

3D Brain

Another free app that gives users incredible insight into the world of psychology, 3D Brain allows psychology professionals a whole new outlook on the human brain with a rotating 3D map that responds to the touch screen. By examining this brain map, users can learn how different regions process information, as well as how regions interact with one other.

3D Brain explains how each area of the brain works through an examination of which functions are governed by a given region, and how each area influences human behavior. Far from being a boring technical study on brain function, this iPhone application delivers information in a way that is both interactive and entertaining, allowing professionals and novices alike to garner information from it in a brain-friendly manner.

The Questions

For psychology professionals who deal specifically with bettering relationships between their clients, this app can be a helpful tool for all involved. It was designed by Night and Day Studios to help users become more successful in their long-term relationships, and with the idea that no couple is immune to the occasional relationship hiccup. Users answer some 76 questions in order to better determine whether they are making the best choices within a relationship. Each questions comes replete with additional information that professionals may use to help couples sort through their differences.

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This is a guest post.  Hank Dunn is a clinical psychologist and guest author at Best Masters in Counseling, where he contributed to the collection of Top 10 iPhone Apps for Psychology Students and Professionals.


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