3 Ways Technology Can Protect Your Children

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kids and technologyIt seems like children everywhere are being consumed by technology. Whether it be with video games, iPhones, Tablets, or just simply watching TV, it’s happening.

Some researches even say that technology is what is responsible for the terrible things children do.

When in reality we as parents are simply not connecting enough with our children and using what they know best (technology) for our benefit.

Technology isn’t so bad. It’s just bad whenever it doesn’t get moderated and children have no limits. See how Technology can not only brighten up your child and increase grades, but also protect your child from dangers you might not have been aware of.

Khan Academy

Education in America is not exactly what it used to be. If you give a child today that is currently enrolled in a school the tests that were given to a child back in the 50s you would be amazed as to how much the quality of education has been decreased.

Khan Academy strives to do something very simple. Use technology and aspects of social networking to get kids learning again. The format of the teaching style is very simple.

The instructor simply uses a tablet where he draws on and he also speaks through a microphone. It sounds very simple (and it is) but it works. Even Bill Gates referred to it as “A start of a revolution” and raved about how much it has helped him and his family learn. BILL GATES.

After that was said, Bill Gates even donated 3.5 million dollars to the online academy. I would highly suggest you check out these videos. They are simply phenomenal and so effective.

Children don’t need thousands of dollars in software to learn. They just need initiative and some help from their parents. Use this tool to really connect with your children.

Smart Homes

When we think of home security, we don’t really think of technology. We simply think about an alarm going off whenever an intruder breaks in. Which is true, that’s exactly what happens when you buy a basic package (that is always over priced).

You get something that does simply that and nothing else. Not much technology involved… I found a home security company out of Texas that is really doing some amazing things with simple home security systems.

Their consoles are completely touch oriented. You are even able to control the temperature of your house from your phone. The biggest wow-factor for me was how intelligent this system was.

Whenever I walk out of my house ad forget to arm my home (which happens everyday) the system sends a push notification to my phone telling me that i have left the house unarmed and asks me if i would like to arm it.

I don’t even have to go back, i can do it straight from my iPhone! Protecting your children and possessions is extremely important. Technology can even help you physically protect your children!

Internet Accountability

This might be a sensitive subject for most, but I do believe it’s something that needs to be talked about. The average age of a child viewing pornography for the first time is 10. Whatever your thoughts and convictions on porn is, that is not okay.

Even if you think it’s alright for a child to view pornography – 10 is not nearly a morally correct age to view it. The stats go on: 12% of the internet is pornography. Every second 3 thousand dollars is being spent on pornography.

The fact is: It’s either something that needs to be stopped or something that needs to be moderated. It is your job as a parent to understand the limitations of sexual desire and teach your children what is right and wrong. x3watch is a free software that does so.

It’s a downloadable software that emails whoever the “accountability partner” is to notify them when the user has logged on to an inappropriate site. This might not stop the use of pornography in your home, but it does give you the opportunity to talk about it.

Whether it comes to your child’s physical need to be protected, mental need to be stimulated, or heart that simply needs some attention, technology can help you get there. There is a lot against kids these days, but just simply parenting is far more powerful.

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