4 Best Apps for your Brain

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Looking for some fun ways to use your smart phone or tablet as a learning tool? Look no further! I have created a list of apps that are not only fun but also mentally stimulating! These apps are perfect for challenging your child’s brain, so their minds don’t go to waste over the summer break!

As a member of Tutors in NYC, I am constantly looking for fun ways students can challenge their minds. Here are my 4 favorite apps to help your child learn over the summer:

1.Overdrive: I cannot think of a better way to promote reading than Overdrive. Overdrive is a free app that not only functions as an e-reader, but more importantly, allows you to access and rent books from your local libraries e-catalog. Instead of traveling to the library, you can simply login to Overdrive, and rent a book straight from your iPad or phone! You literally have access to thousands of titles at your fingertips! The best part- it’s completely FREE! Please note, you will need a library card to verify your membership.  Overdrive is one of my personal favorites and I recommend it to both students and adults.

2. 100 Floors:  This happens to be one of my favorite apps and is a great way to strengthen your mental agility. The premise is simple-you must complete puzzles in order to advance to the next floor. I find 100 Floors mentally taxing but in a GREAT way! The puzzles can be pretty difficult and require you to examine every bit of detail in order to figure them out. Overall, 100 Floors is a great way to strengthen your deductive reasoning and problem solving skills. 100 Floors may be too difficult for youngsters, so only older students and adults should use this app.

3. Brain Challenge HD: I cannot think of a more fun way to challenge your mind than Brain Challenge. As the developers noted, your brain like any part of your body, needs exercise too.  Why not make your ‘brain exercises’ fun? That’s exactly what Gameloft did. Brain Challenge features 43 different mini games that tests your visual, memory, logic, math and focus skills.  What I love about Brain Challenge is that its actually fun and really makes you think!  It’s a great way to work on your problem solving skills! I think Brain Challenge is $4.99 well spent!

4. Einstein Brain Trainer: I’m a huge fan of this iPad game! Einstein Brain Trainer is a fantastic app to help keep your brain active. It features 18 exercises (with 12 additional exercises available for an additional fee) which are divided into four categories; logic, math, memory and vision (similar to Brain Challenge). What I like most about Einstein Brain Trainer is that it tells the user which part of the brain is activated throughout your brain training.  Einstein Brain Trainer is also a fun multiplayer game; users can play other individuals over the Internet or with a friend close by.

Believe it or not, your phone or tablet can be a great learning tool. Instead of using your device to update your Facebook status or to play Angry Birds, how about you download one of the apps listed above instead? Who knows, you might learn something!


This is a guest post.  Michael is an educational enthusiast who’s also passionate about sports and reading.


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