4 Tips When Purchasing Mobile Phone Insurance

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We all have mobile phones, but do we insure them? It is amazing to think how many people have phones that are worth £300 or more, yet they do not have any kind of coverage to protect them if they ever lose their phone, it is gets damaged or even if it is stolen.

Insurance companies are extremely easy to find and they might not actually be as expensive as you think. It is worth having a browse around to see what is on offer and you’ll quickly see that this is a service that offers excellent value for money.

Compare The Market

Like any product and service, you should compare the market before making a purchase. With mobile phone insurance, you will have 20 or more companies to choose from. You will need to compare the length of the contract, the monthly price and the features that are incorporated into the package deal.

Of course, ensure that you know exactly what you want before you search. You can use online comparison websites to directly compare a dozen or more suppliers, to ensure that you are getting the best deal and not overpaying.

Insuring For The Right Value

When looking at phone insurance, it is important to ensure that you buy insurance to the correct value of the phone. If you overvalue your phone, you will be paying more insurance than you really need to. Even if something happens, the insurance company will only pay out up to the actual value, not the value that you have put on it.

The same goes for not buying enough insurance. If you say your phone is worth £100, when actually it is worth £200, then you are losing out. When the phone is lost damaged or stolen, you will only be paid £100 rather than £200, so you will be out of pocket.

Check With Your Bank

Sometimes banks will offer paid bank accounts. For £10-15 you will get an account that offers additional services. To make these accounts more appealing to customers, some banks will actually include some other offers.

They might include things like RAC cover and sometimes, they will include mobile phone insurance. For this reason, ensure that you check with your bank, before paying for a service elsewhere, as you might be wasting a lot of money.

Reading The Contract

Ensure you read the contract before signing a deal. Some insurance companies might look incredibly cheap but in reality, they are not really going to offer you what you want. Some will hook you into long term deals that are 2 years or more.

It might be that the contract is actually only to cover up to £100. In some cases, the excess for a claim might be £50 or more, which is going to be pointless for a lot of people. Essentially, just make sure you read the small print so that you truly understand what you are signing and what you are paying for in the long run, to avoid disappointment!

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