5 Cool iPhone Apps Released in 2012

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So far this year several interesting new iOS apps have been launched, many of which take advantage of the improved camera of the iPhone 4S.

App developers continue to come with clever new ideas for using the iPhone’s hardware, and it seems that we will keep getting original apps for a long, long time. Here are five of the best iPhone apps released this year.

•    iPhoto – $4.99
A complete photo editing, management, and sharing app, iPhoto comes with many filters and effects, as well as a handful of smart tools like loupe. Iphoto is also great for sharing photos – it lets you send photos wirelessly to other iPhoto users, as well as to your social media profiles, including Flickr and Facebook.

•    Launch Center – $0.99
An app launcher that lets you do more with less taps for frequent tasks, Launch Center makes it easier and faster for you to use your camera or send an e-mail to a person in your contact list. What’s awesome about it is that it lets you to perform certain controls with just a tap, for example toggling Bluetooth on or off.

•    Sparrow – $2.99
A gesture-based email client, Sparrow is the sort of app you can’t stop using once you’ve become familiar with it. Some of the things you can do with it include refreshing your inbox by pulling down the inbox list, or getting access to message actions like delete by swiping across a message. Sparrow works flawlessly with Gmail as well as with basically any type of IMAP account.

•    Gifture – Free
Letting you make animated photos, Gifture works in four simple steps: take several photos, use the app to sew them together, add effects or filters, and create the animation. Lets you choose the photo sequence, as well as the animation on Facebook and Twitter. A really fun little app that will help you create some really interesting animations – if your photos are great, your animations are bound to great as well.

•    iTranslate Voice – $0.99
Working with 30 languages, iTranslate Voice provides on-the-fly voice or text translations that are fairly accurate – the only trick is to avoid long, complex sentences. For simple or compound sentences the results are great for all languages. The app would have been even better if it could have done the translations without requiring Internet access, but you can’t have them all…

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