5 Essential Pieces Of Office Technology

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tablet with appsThere is no denying the fact that technology is here to stay.

Not only does the average individual use technology daily for personal use, businesses rely on technology to function and stay productive.

If you are in the process of designing your own home office, there are pieces of essential office technology you cannot be without.

Here are 5 pieces of technology that you will rely on on a daily basis:

#1: The Tablet 

You may think that a tablet is a luxury, but in today’s technological age, a tablet is more of a necessity for the mobile worker. You will still need a computer, but your Internet-ready tablet will give you the power to do most of the things you need to do while you are on the road.

Load your files in your tablet, make changes to a presentation, and keep your email accessible in your palms with a valuable piece of equipment that can double as a toy during your downtime.

#2: A VoIP Phone System 

You will need a dedicated phone line for your business, but you should consider the advantages of signing up for an advanced phone service. Voice over Internet Protocol is a moderately new technology that offers business owners the features they need and the reliability they deserve.

By connecting a VoIP phone system to your Internet, you will have digital phone services while making your office look much more professional. Set up a greeting, extensions, and even access your voicemail from remote locations so that you are always connected.

#3: Scanners 

Scanners are becoming a required piece of technology. When you want to store all of your business files in the cloud, you will need a scanner to scan all of your files. Scanners are a mature piece of technology, with models coming in varying sizes and styles.

By investing in a wired or wireless scanner, you can not only go green, you can also free up storage space by accessing all of your files on the cloud. Scanners can also replace the need for a standalone fax machine.

#4: Conference Call and Video Conference Web-based Technology 

If you want to hold a conference or you have a sales call, you do not have to hop in the car and drive miles just to sit at a coffee shop. In fact, with Web-based conference call, video conferencing, and screen sharing technology, you can save time and money.

Record your meetings, share files, and even see people face-to-face with these independent programs that do not even require a download.

#5: Cloud Storage 

You have probably heard of the cloud, but do you know what the cloud is? When you store files and documents in the cloud, the files go to something like a virtual filing cabinet where they can be accessed.

If your computer fails, your hard drive is damaged, or you lose your backup disks, you never have to worry about losing essential documents. There are several web-based cloud storage services that you can use for free or for a nominal monthly fee.

Technology is comprised of hardware and software. When you use the smartest combination of each, you can work more efficiently. Utilize technology to your advantage, and get ahead of the competition even with a small office.

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