5 Great Tools To Protect Your Data

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hackersIn this age of computers and online services, our valuable and private data have become a hot commodity for hackers.

Highway robbery has transitioned to the intangible world of the Internet, where thieves steal your passwords to access your database.

When we hear about security breaches, it makes us nervous that one of those 4 million usernames and passwords compromised might be ours.

The only time we find out about it is when we check our credit card statement.

It’s time to get more protective of our data and make sure they remain shielded from the eyes of cyber intruders. Adopt these five free security tools to help you sleep better at night.

1. KeePass: Password Manager

Are you one of those people who have the same password for different websites? Well, you better change that bad habit now, and let KeePass do an intervention. KeePass serves as your password manager and will create a secure, lengthy, completely random password for you to improve your security.

It also keeps all the pairs of usernames and passwords in a securely encrypted database, protected by a single master password—which is the only one you will have to remember. Scared of the big, bad, keyloggers? KeePass also protects against keylogging with its AutoType feature, which saves you from typing your passwords every time you log into a website.

2. TrueCrypt: File Manager

TrueCrypt works like a cloud file-hosting service—with a perk. This free utility tool lets you encrypt your folders, so your cloud-synced data remains for your eyes only.

Not even TrueCrypt employees can access any of your files unlike other cloud services like Dropbox. A TrueCrypt-encrypted disk appears as a blob of random binary data.

Just enter your password and a new drive shows up on your system. In other words, every file you save into the drive becomes encrypted and it only becomes accessible when you give your password.

3. Tor Browser Bundle: Internet Browsing Security

Even law-abiding citizens want to keep their secrets and their browsing activities private. Here’s Tor Browser Bundle to keep your Internet traffic encrypted and anonymous.

It is a portable and self-extracting package that contains a special version of Firefox. Extract the bundle, double-click “Start Tor Browser” and you can start the initialization process and establish a secure connection with Tor. Firefox loads and you can start surfing.

4. OpenPuff: Steganography Tool

OpenPuff is a powerful open-source steganography tool that hides data using media files, such as an MP3 or a JPEG image. Let’s say you want to hide a sensitive text message.

You can use OpenPuff to bury the message in an innocent image file, and then post that file publicly online. The other person who wants to read the message downloads the file and use OpenPuff to extract the message you’ve buried in it.

5. Cryptocat: Private Chatting Tool

All the news about wire-tapping and Internet monitoring can make any online citizen paranoid. So here’s Cryptocat to make chatting online just between you and your party.

It’s also built into Facebook and Gmail so you don’t have to worry about not having anyone to chat with. You can also install a Chrome or Firefox extension and start a chat room with other users.

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