5 Simple Ways in Sharing Your Photos on Twitter

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Twitter is by far one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. The year 2012 opened to a fresh batch of over 300 million users who have signed up for the site. Even though it has gained hundreds of millions of users, Twitter still does not have any application that would enable people upload images or photos with their captions. As a result of its major downside, a lot of services have been popping left and right to accommodate the glaring hole. These services will help you, the Twitter member, to upload your photos or images in a cinch to the Twitter timeline.

Here are 5 ways you can make your life easier in uploading your photos on your twitter account:

  1. Via “yFrog.”

This service works in a couple of ways. You can either upload your images or videos directly through it or upload them by entering the URL where you got the image from. The service also functions by letting you enter texts along with the image that you plan on uploading. In order for you to use yFrog, you’ll have to enter your Twitter login username and password. Then the process will carry itself to upload both your texts and images to your timeline.

  1. Via “Twitpic.”

The cool part about Twitpic is that it gives you a chance to start your own account with the use of your Twitter details. With this service, you can easily view your timeline from Twitter and get a glimpse of your followers and the people you’re following. You are also given the option to post in new tweets and even share your images from your email address, computer or even through any of your certified phone applications.

  1. Via “Lockerz.”

Also called as the “Tweetphoto,” this cool service has a bundled of additional features that are really useful for photo uploads. You can use this to help you upload and share images that you might want to show off to your friends on your Facebook and Twitter timeline. The service also gives you a chance to choose your friends photo tweets and add them as your “Favorites.” You will find that Lockerz can also perform geo-tagging capabilities which means, wherever you go, the service will track your current location based on the images taken in real time. This will make it a lot easier to find where the images were shot.

  1. Via “Pikchur.”

This service not only works with Twitter but it also does its jobs on other social networking and blog sites such as Flickr, Facebook, MySpace and even the aging Friendster. There’s no need for you to sign up and you can easily use any login name and password from any of the social networking site and begin sharing images or photos to your friends or relatives to anywhere around the globe. With this service, you can seamlessly upload your images and even videos via MMS on your smartphone, email address or through one of your phone’s applications.

  1. Via “Twixtr”

The service helps you send any photos through your mobile device with the use of any compatible mobile applications. This includes phones that run on Java software as well as those running on Windows mobile and Apple’s iOS.


Well there you have it. Although there are plenty of applications out there that does their job, these 5 services are very reliable and worth poking your head into. Uploading pictures to your Twitter account has never been easier!

This article was written by James Brown who writes on all things tech as a contributing author. He also is the editor of BlackBerryRocks.com – his latest work is a Blackberry Torch 9800 Review that covers in depth possibly the most exciting Blackberry released to date.


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