7 Tricks To Boost Your Twitter Marketing Results Right Now

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Twitter is at the center of the social networking kingdom

Utilizing Twitter in your marketing efforts is a must in this digital world

Social networking as a whole has become a must for the majority of businesses both large and small, it’s also a great source for hours of interaction with millions of individuals. No matter what your goal is, it is very important to utilize the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Four Square, and others. since you will find different audiences at each site. Twitter is the #2 social network as of this moment (this can change in an instant) and is the focus of the helpful tips offered below.

Twitter is one of those websites that everyone talks about, joins, socializes on, and most importantly for us, it plays host to millions of businesses and business people to communicate with. If you take the time to understand Twitter, you will quickly see the benefits of investing time in the process. You can grow your business significantly, increase your visibility, change the way people think of you or your business, or use Twitter to educate people in just 140 characters per post. You may be surprised at what can be accomplished in such small snippets of text.

The following are just 7 of the tips that I use every single day in my own efforts, if put into use they can dramatically impact your marketing campaigns.

1. When choosing a Twitter user name be sure to consider what the account will be used for – for instance, if you plan to use your page in order to do internet marketing then you should not use a ‘sexy’ or ‘playful’ name because you will instantly be labeled as a partier. If you use a combination of your first and last names, you will likely be found in more searches since the majority of people search by name first. Should you require a more memorable or stand-out name try using something that brings with it a warm feeling for example ‘Blue-Butterfly’, but stay away from things such as ‘LadyGaGas-Gurlfriend’, which may make people think of immaturity.

2. Use a customized background on your profile page – while this may seem cosmetic it can actually be a great marketing tool. There are millions of Twitter pages that are active at any given time so you need a good way to stand out in the crowd. By creating a customized background you will not only make your profile more memorable, but you can also use the background to brand yourself by adding your logo, slogan, or anything else that is original to you or your business.

3. Follow your followers back or risk losing them all together – many people will tell you that if you follow everyone back it will negatively affect your rank. It is my opinion that I would rather have happy people following me now than have potential people find my profile later. The fact is that most people will follow you in order to get another follower, but it still means that another person will see all of your tweets and with the right tweets they may be new buyers too.

4. Make use of the recent Twitter Analytics – much like other analytics programs using this program will allow you to see what your customer is, where they come from, how active they are, and much more. Its important to analyze these things in order to get a clearer picture of where you stand in relation to your goals. Keep careful track and make adjustments as appropriate.

Twitter’s official analytics tool hasn’t been opened to the public quite yet, but for the moment try TweetStats which offers a variety of metrics by simply providing your user name. The only problem with using Tweets is the wait time on their servers, sometimes it takes quite a while, however it is well worth the wait and it is free.

5. Utilize Twitter chats to increase your knowledge and meet new people – by participating in chats with other Twitter members within your industry you will not only meet some highly influential people, but you will also make them aware of you and your abilities. Use the opportunity wisely and ask questions, here  you will likely learn the answers to some of those questions that no one else has been able to provide. In addition, meet other participants and then stay in touch so that you can communicate freely. You may be able to find some of these chats using #hashtags (the newest standards in tweeting) just search #YourKeyword.

6. Use Hashtags in order to find or make a keyword easily searchable#hashtags seem to be the newest marketing craze, they are really useful for bypassing all of the info that you do not need and focusing in on what you do need. To use a hashtag in finding something or someone simply enter #theword in the search box and hit enter. The system will find all tweets and tweeters who are utilizing the tag that you entered. As you can see this can be extremely useful if you want to stop scrolling through never ending tweets and save time, while still being able to get the info that you need or find the person you were looking for. Sometimes the tag has not yet been used, in that case you can create it and start using it by entering it into your tweet to others and providing a brief description of the tag.

7. Do not limit your tweets or updates to just your own messages – in fact, by offering up good content from industry bloggers, experts, and others, you will actually be raising the value of being your follower. The reason for this is simple, if you only share your own messages it may appear as if you are only interested in yourself, only wish to serve your own agenda, or just cannot handle the opinions of others. You want to be seen as approachable and as an expert so that people will feel comfortable in coming to you. When reading a blog or article,  if you think it is something that will bring value to those following you then go ahead and tweet it so that everyone can make use of the information.

There are many ways to really use your Twitter account to help you to reach your goals, however the tips above are meant to give you a starting point. These are the best ways that I have found so far to ensure that your reach is maximized with every tweet. Just remember to stay in touch, but that you do not need to tweet your every move or feeling in order to connect with your readers.

Sending out important messages a few times a day every day will be more than enough. Include useful info, articles by influential people, and your own company news to create a nice blend of tweets that will not get you un-followed by your list. Unfortunately, unless you are a rock star or box office hit actor, chances are that you will lose a small percentage of followers no matter what, but you can minimize this by providing valuable information.

Next time we will discuss LinkedIn, what is it? who should use it? and how it can really help boost your company visibility and bring you new clients or employees easily.

In the meanwhile, I would like to ask you:

How do you maximize your Twitter account for the best results without becoming annoying to followers?

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