9 Ways To Get Your Facebook Marketing Efforts Noticed

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Facebook can feel quite over-whelming at times.

Too much for Mr. Silly Penguin – Don’t let Facebook intimidate you!

Facebook has become a way of life for so many of us. Whether you are playing the games, looking for lost friends or loves, conducting business, or just hanging out with friends, social networking sites are often a destination point. When utilizing sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or any of the many websites available at the moment, you must take care in building a strong network for your needs. You don’t have to be a business owner in order to build your network, even for gaming and general fun, you want to be around like-minded individuals.

The following are 9 of the tips that I use in every day Facebook marketing and that I firmly believe will help you to make your marketing efforts worthwhile everyday. You should also keep in mind that many of the tips I provide (here, in the past or in the future) can be adapted for use on your favorite network and are not just for Facebook.

If at any time you need help, please feel free to contact me.

1. When using Facebook for business you always need to make every message count, however the updates should not always be about you or your business – Instead offer your follower’s or visitors information on subjects that they care about or need to know. By providing links and authorities outside of your own services you are actually helping to build up your own credibility and it will be greatly appreciated. Try to balance it out, such as offering 2 bits of your own news or services and then 1 from a reliable outside source, or any combination. Just don’t forget to do your research and verify your facts before you write a single word.

2. Don’t update your followers with your every thought or mood – Save updates like this for your personal pages and friends, meanwhile your business friends should be updated 2 or 3 times in a day with real information to offer (even if it is not your own – see tip 1). When you send massive updates all of the time people will stop reading them or un-follow you. By only submitting 2 or 3 in a day you will actually get many more active followers and they will know that you have respect for their time.

3. Do not pay for followers for Facebook or Twitter – I cannot stress this enough. If you do not already know, there are sites such as Fiverr and many others where you are able to provide (or buy) services or goods cheaply. While some of the ‘gigs’ that are offered are a fantastic way to get outstanding work, meet new people, and save both time & money, you can also run into big trouble by purchasing fake leads. One of the more popular services offered is mass amounts of followers quickly for both Facebook and Twitter accounts and they are added automatically. By purchasing these followers and then proceeding to contact them you are breaking many many rules, and at least 1 law depending on where you live.

In addition, Facebook knows you didn’t just meet 12,000 people today, so the dropping in of those 12,000 FB id’s all at once or even over a 24 hr period, will look mighty suspicious. Doing this may get you suspended or banned all together, it is just not worth the chance. 

The fact is that by ordering such a service you are actually spamming these people because they did not give you specifically the right to contact them. It is always a gamble. Another reason – if they do not know who you are or where you came from, they will probably not read your posts or will just un-follow you.

** I personally tested this to see what would happen – within 1 week of being added to my list, more than half un-followed solely because they did not know me and I was using a business account, plus it did not lead to a single sale despite my gaining over 20,000 followers. As of now all of these added names have been removed from my list because this was solely a test. Why waste good money on nothing results – instead put that money into ads or other methods of gaining followers.

4. Help others whenever you can even if it doesn’t result in a sale – In other words, help people for the sake of helping and not for what you will get in return. There just is not enough of this happening in life or online. So many people go online to find answers to their questions and many go to their social network first. Unfortunately, many of those who answer do it to gain a backlink, post their own link on your page, or to get the asker and their readers to do something for them (i.e. buy a product or service). I really find this unacceptable and it truly bothers me.

If you see someone ask a question and you know the answer or even where they may find help, please just help that person. Do not expect that person to reciprocate or buy from you, just do it for the sake of helping. After that if the person decides to ask for your link or asks what you do, then feel free to talk about it, but let them lead you in. By using this approach you will build a much stronger network and people are far more likely to visit your page/site to see who you are.

5. Be Complete and Honest – Ensure that your profile is completely filled out with only factual information that you wish to be public knowledge, but do not include made up info, you will not impress anyone and it will lead to loss of credibility.  Also make sure that your page is filled with great original content, interaction with fans, and anything that makes your brand stand out in the Facebook surfers mind. These people likely see dozens and sometimes hundreds of profiles in a very short time as they go through to ‘like’ readers in hopes of bumping their own numbers through those who reciprocate. When people surf pages like this, you do get a lift in your page ‘likes’ and possibly in followers, but they rarely ever read your page or even stop, unless of course, you have an outstanding profile that makes them remember you so that they will actually read what you have posted.

6. Be sure to link all of your social networks together for the best possible exposure with the least work –  Because there are so many social networks online today, the big guys such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Four Square, all offer the option of either linking your accounts together or to post individual messages to your other social networks on demand. They do this so that you will always keep those main sites in your rotation and will not abandon them for the next big thing; basically they are ensuring your loyalty.

Of course, you should visit other sites such as those dedicated to your specific industry, but you should always remember those main networks too. By being consistent in your efforts people will pay more attention and be more inclined to share your messages on their own walls or pages.

7. Ask questions of your audience – Always be engaging by asking people to share their own opinions, opportunities, or even posting a poll to get readers talking. When you ask your questions, even those not really meant to be answered, you will really make them stop to think. This will help to solidify you as an expert and as someone who cares what people think. It will also make people anxious to read your next article or even to Google you to see what else you have to offer. In any case, it can only serve to help you to grow and to see a return on all of your work.

8. Track all of your efforts carefully – By simply writing down exactly when you posted, the topic, and the # of responses or clicks, you will be able to figure out the best times for your tweets, the topics that interest your followers, and will be able to predict your results beforehand, making it so much easier to decide what your strategy should be.

Not enough people truly understand why and what they need to track, but after just a few entries you will begin to see patterns emerging. When you review these patterns against the efforts you have made, you will begin to understand the method more clearly. You will be able to analyze and use this info in order to create the strongest possible marketing campaign plans for your needs. Please do yourself a favor and do not skip this option by, even the smallest business needs to know the best way to reach and grab new customers. This can be done on your own and will save you a lot of money on a consultant you will not need.

9. Monitor the posts on your business page carefully and often – Using Facebook can be an absolute pleasure, it can help build your business like never before, and connect you to millions from all over the world. Because of this, many of us have unknowingly accepted friend requests or have been ‘liked’ by someone who’s only reason for joining you, is to be able to post on your page. If these posts were just posts, it would certainly be fine and would add a human touch to your page. Unformately, the people I am referring to here are in it to spam your site and nothing more.

The only way to deal with this is to constantly review the posts and media left on your page to ensure that they should be there. When you find obvious spam comments, simply remove them completely. If the comment was truly spam you will most likely not hear from its author. Otherwise, if it was an attempt at a real comment then you may receive an email or question asking what happened. In that case, apologize and explain that you have been trying to fight spam on your pages and mistakingly took their message as being spam. At that point, offer to do something nice such as write an article about them or their business, share their link on another network, or just about anything else that would help them. This will show not only that you are sorry, but will give you some fresh content, a potentially great contact for the future, and maybe even a new friend.

As you can see, Facebook can be utilized in many ways, but it can also be abused too. Make sure that what you offer your followers is real, great content, current facts, and what is relevant to their interests or needs. Status updates on Facebook (and the others too) are a key feature that cannot be ignored. These are just suggestions to get you started or going, and are definitely not the only ideas. Brainstorm and see if you can come up with the next great idea for using Facebook in today’s digital business world.

Of course, I have dozens of ideas and tips for Facebook and other social networks, however that’s enough for this article. Until next time, I throw it to you, the audience.  What kinds of tips do you have to share with us? Please leave a comment below and share with us.

~~ Today we chatted about Facebook at length, so in my next article we will discuss various ways to use Twitter effectively in marketing so stay tuned for more…..~~

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