A Harmless Way to “punk” the Person in the Next Cubicle

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It’s funny how two seemingly opposite trends can sweep through society at the same. On one hand we have many people who are always insisting on the best public behavior and working hard to avoid offending anyone in any possible way. Yet, at the same time we have about a dozen different TV shows where the whole point is to find victims and “punk” them.

That’s the side we’re on today and with this easy computer prank you can punk your cubicle neighbor and give you and your office comrades enough laughs to last you until your victim decides it’s time, well, to get even…

This graphic shows you how to make your co-worker’s entire screen non-responsive. The prank doesn’t hurt anything, though, and can be undone in seconds. For the most laughs, position yourself where you can watch your victim keep clicking and clicking away…

This is a guest post.  Graphic via http://www.eqaofficefurniture.com/ a company selling office cubicles and other office furniture.


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