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We live in a connected world these days.  Everywhere you go people are on their phones posting status updates or tweeting about their day.  When we need to get something done but don’t know how, well, we turn to the Internet to find the answer.  It’s become the place to go for information.  Do you remember when jokes were spread by word of mouth?

Not anymore, now they come via the medium of the Internet.  This means one thing: you need to stay connected.  While nearly everyone has a high speed router these days, if your Internet provider goes down you could be left without connectivity.  Why not tap into the wireless world then, with a 3g router that will provide you with the power to look things up on Wikipedia until your heart is content.

Dingle Dangle Dongles

One of the relatively recent phenomenon’s to creep around the world has been the wireless dongle.  You’re basically carrying a tiny 3g router with you, which you can plug into your computer anywhere you are and connect to the Internet.  You can surf the web on the train, talk on Skype in a coffee shop and generally remain up to date wherever you are.  These dongles have become the most common form of the 3g router but there is another type available nowadays.

These larger, bulkier 3g routers are actually hybrids.  They are your normal router, collecting signal through your internet providers wires but should this signal fail, they have the option for 3g enabled, meaning they can switch and leave you with a seamless Internet experience.  While 3g routers aren’t quite as fast as regular wired Internet, yet, they are moving in the right direction and becoming faster and faster.  The world of the computer moves quickly, so you can imagine just how fast the world of the Internet moves.

3g routers could also turn out to be cheaper than wired Internet these days too.  Prices have been consistently dropping and it is possible to find 3g tariffs for a lot less than their in-line competitors.  This gives you great flexibility as there is no need for you to get someone in to fit the router and the wires to get started, you simply connect your 3g router to the power supply and away you go.  This ease of use is a great thing as more and more people come online.  If your grandparents want to go online this quick and easy solution may be the best bet: it’s unlikely they’re going to be power Internet users after all.

The average 3g router has come a long way in a short time and there is no sign of their advancement slowing down.  They provide a cost effective alternative to lined internet nowadays, so why not give it a go.

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