A Look at Microsoft’s Enterprise Technology

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As Bob Dylan once said, ‘the times they are a-changin’, nowhere does this phrase hold more true than in the field of technology. With every year that passes, we witness a leap in technological innovation, faster processors, bigger screens and brand new tech. The industry is awash with buzzwords, in the last 5 years alone we’ve witnessed the rise of cloud technology, the boom of BYOD and emergence of ‘Big Data’.

Businesses crave progression, and the tech companies respond, a never ending cycle that feeds an ever expanding and evolving industry. Technology facilitates greater insight to data, allows better business decisions all with the express aim of boosting profits margins. Enterprise technology, is key to the success of business, and Microsoft is the brand synonymous with that tech.

Since its inception, Microsoft has been producing cutting edge enterprise technology that has revolutionised the way businesses work. They provide the software through which we send emails, create presentations, gain data insights and even host our websites; all this is just touching the surface. In the following infographic from IT training provider, Firebrand, we look at Microsoft’s full portfolio of enterprise technology.

To give context to Microsoft’s clout in the field of enterprise tech, let’s take a look at some of the astounding facts and figures hidden within graphic:

  • More than one billion people utilise Microsoft Office, that’s one in seven of the world’s population.
  • Windows Server powers some of the world’s largest data centers
  • Public cloud platform Windows Azure delivers a month SLA of 99.5%

You can find more amazing facts and figures on Microsoft by the Numbers

This article was written by Edward Jones, Technical Writer for Firebrand Training. Edward is tasked with servicing the information needs of the technology industry, and spends his days writing how-to guides, news and opinion articles.


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