A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your iPhone/iPod Touch Screens

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Touch screens are amazing and this holds true especially for the iPads and iPods. But all touch screens have one issue; you actually have to touch them! This makes them fingerprint magnets like nothing else. And no matter how diligently you clean them, you will have some more cleaning to do only a few minutes later.

But where there is a problem, the solutions make their way to the markets soon enough. You will find plenty of cleaning solutions and iPhone cleaning kits claiming to be the next best thing since the touch screens themselves.

It is important to separate the performers from the duds. Make sure that the cleaner you select doesn’t have any harsh chemicals that may damage your device in the long run.

It is important to clean the screens on your iPod and iPad regularly, i.e. at least once a week. Leaving them dirty for long intervals may keep your device from working correctly and even damage them irreparably. Everything you touch can end up on your iTouch.

Cleaning Is Essential: So Let’s Get Started!

Cleaning iPad screen is just as important as cleaning iPhone screen; and the reasons for both are pretty similar too. If you own any iPhone device that came after the 3GS, you are in for some education.

These newer devices have an oleophobic coating on the touch screens. This coating has been put in place to protect the screen and to make it easier to clean. Be honest, how many times have you just rubbed the phone on your pants, hoping it would get rid of the finger prints?

All of us are guilty of that!

And it works! Rubbing the screen with a simple cloth seems to work just fine, for the time being at least. And we have the oleophobic coating to be thankful for. Older devices didn’t have this coating and had to be cleaned with a wet cloth at all costs.

IPad and iPhone screens don’t fare too well when routinely cleaned with liquid cleaners because these can degrade the oleophobic layer and hinder the functionality of the touch screens.

When the touch screens are in need of cleaning, avoid the temptation to rub them on your jeans and be done with it. Instead opt for microfiber cloth or other non-abrasive material if you want your iPhone screen to last longer.

Don’t spray any liquid directly onto the screen; instead spray it onto the cloth and then use for iPhone cleaning. And make sure that there is no liquid left on the screen once you are done with the cleaning.

Don’t assume that just because a cleaner is good at cleaning the TV or laptop screens, it is good for iPad cleaning as well. Remember the oleophobic coating and easily it can be damaged.

Many seemingly harmless cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can be bad for the touch screens. In fact, it is a great idea to get the cleaners that are certified safe for touch screens and mention it on the packaging.

Our Top 5 Tips On Getting the Cleanest Clean on Your iTouch!

iPhone and iPad cleaning doesn’t need to be cumbersome. A bit of regular maintenance and your devices will keep on looking brand new for a very long time! Here we go:

Use Microfiber Cloths

The great thing about this magical cloth is that it guarantees squeaky clean. It won’t hold any bacteria and contaminants so you can be sure that you won’t be transferring anything to or from the screen. Also, these won’t scratch the screen or smear what’s already on it.

Use Chemical Free Cleaners or No Cleaners At All!

The fact is that the commercial iPhone and iPad cleaning solutions and iPhone Cleaning Kits are largely unnecessary. The microfiber cloth with a bit of water cleans just right, although it may take just a bit longer. If you do get a cleaning solution, make sure that it doesn’t have any potentially harmful chemicals.

Clean With Small Circular Movements

Start off with washing your own hands so you don’t leave smudges behind as you clean the touch screen (defeats the purpose!). Then begin from the centre and continue cleaning iPad screen towards the sides.

Get a Protective Casing for Your Device

The shiny metal cases are as susceptible to scratches as they are to finger prints. And it can be very difficult to get rid of them. The best way to protect Apple devices is to get a casing to safeguard the touch screen and the case.

You can but protective screen coverage for your iPhone and iPad screens. These are completely transparent sheets of reinforced plastic that go no completely clear. You can just change them every 6 months or so or whenever they get too dirty or scratched.

Select the Right Cleaning Products

These will specify if they are safe enough to clean mobile device and touch screens. These come bundled with microfiber cleaning cloths that are machine washable.

Read online reviews of the product you are planning to buy and then decide on a product that is well reputed to safely clean a device, everything from smudges to makeup! You can also buy cleaning product that leaves behind an anti-static coating that makes your iPad and iPhone resistant to dust.

The Last Word

Timely iPhone cleaning is the best way to ensure that your device remains hygienic and sparkling. Before cleaning iPhone screen or iPad screen, it is important to shut the device off completely and unplug all cables. Your Apple devices can last a long time. People are still using their 3GS devices from 4 years back but they have, no doubt, stayed on top of cleaning and maintenance.

It will only take a few minutes each week to keep your iPhone and iPad looking brand new and eliminate the build-up of oil, dirt, and dust that can gather on these devices as we wipe our fingers over them all day.

So what are you waiting for, get cleaning now!


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