A Tale of 2 Apples – iPhone 5 Vs iPhone 4S

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iphone comparisonApple proclaims itself as the undisputed giant of the smart phone genre, and with its products, always manages to push forth technology and innovation to new levels.

Apple phones are costly and can be difficult to obtain, particularly when the latest handset first launches, but if you can spare a few hundred pounds, you can easily get one of the best-looking handsets in the business. Read on as we review the Apple iPhone 5 and the Apple iPhone 4 in greater detail.

Apple iPhone 4S

Featuring a 4 inch “retina display” screen with awesome resolution, the Apple iPhone 4 was a class apart from the other smart phones in its category when it launched. Moreover, the iPhone 4 comes with a super-slim exterior that makes you fall with it instantly.

The Apple A4 dual-core processor provides you with an 8 GB internal memory storage option and icloud computing abilities too. The 5MP camera at the rear end might seem lacklustre but it does manage to take good quality pictures even though they are less sharp than those taken with an 8MP camera.

When it comes to apps, Apple cannot be surpassed by any other mobile handset, however users would miss the 4G Internet browsing experience. The innovative iOS version 5 ensures that you have an exquisite app stacking experience in the most ergonomic ways possible. Moreover, the Siri voice assistant is cute and interesting as an audio assistant.

For Apple aficionados who can afford the product, we’d say – go for it! The Apple iPhone 4S is second only to the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III handsets.

Apple iPhone 5

Purported to be the best smart phone available today, the Apple iPhone 5 is marginally bigger than the 4S, better, but lacks innovation compared to its modern competitors. You certainly have to shell a lot of big bucks for the Apple iPhone 5 with the 64Gb version costing nearly $1000, and that for a phone with one of the smallest screens around at only 4 inches.

Weighing less than 4 ounces and featuring a high resolution screen stacked with apps, organisers and personalisation menus courtesy of Apple’s iOS 6 operating system, the iPhone 5 offers you a great camera, voice assistant Siri in its new avatar and a powerful performance on the whole.

The dual-core A6 processor coupled with the 2 GB RAM make for 16 GB internal storage with up to 64 GB expandable memory and the countless space you have through cloud computing functions online. Whether you need the iPhone for corporate purposes or for fun, you can never go wrong with the handset.

The only flaw in the iPhone 4 was the lack of 4G LTE services, and this has been taken care of in the iPhone 5 edition which ensures razor sharp browsing at huge speeds. Smart options and video shooting in HD versions are now possible

Apple fan or not – you’d love the iPhone 5. We certainly do, and if you can afford the price it comes for, we assure you, there is no other handset that can match up to the style, charisma and elegance of the iPhone 5.

Phil Turner has spent a lot of time looking at smartphones recently, but is still undecided as to which one to choose for his own use.

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