All You Need To Know About The Different Types Of Printers Used In Offices

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The average office tends to have quite a lot of printing needs, and as such, it is normal for there to be different kinds of printers on the site.

Larger facilities tend to have smaller, cheaper printers for people’s day to day use, and then more powerful and hi tech models available for big jobs, like printing manuals or marketing collateral.

Smaller offices may just have a couple of printers that are used for things like printing out notes and presentations for meetings, and then use professional printing companies when they need something more intensive.

Office printing varies a lot in cost depending on the kind of printer used, and this is usually the main deciding factor when businesses choose printing hardware. Here are some of the types of printer you are likely to find at work in an office:

Bubblejet or Inkjet

The standard form of printer used in most offices for everyday jobs, and used in most homes too, is an inkjet or bubblejet printer. These printers have moving cartridges that disperse ink onto the page very accurately, making for reliable, good quality prints.

The inkjet style of printer can be used for both black and white and color printing, and they are easy to maintain as you generally replace the entire ink cartridge when it is spent, so you don’t need to worry about the components inside wearing out.

The main cost involved is in colored inks, so most people print in black and white when it isn’t something important. The main drawback to these printers is that they can be quite slow.

They are fast enough to give you those notes you need in time for your next meeting in a hurry, but if you want to print a 70 page document you’ll be waiting a while!

LED/Laser Printers

Aside from using a commercial printing company, an LED or laser printer will give the fastest and best quality results. It is more expensive by far to buy than an inkjet, however it is the only way to get heavy duty jobs done in the office without outsourcing them to a printing firm.

A laser or LED is used to create an image of the page to be printed on a drum, which creates an electromagnetic charge which attracts the ink. This is then rapidly applied to the paper, creating a very, very fast flow of printed pages.

Impact or Dot Matrix Printers

While they are mostly obsolete for everyday printing, there are still some uses for impact, also known as dot matrix printers.

Some forms, such as invoices that have to be printed on multi part paper, have to use this method of printing so that the impact makes the imprint on all of the parts. These printers work by having stiff wires strike a ribbon of ink in a dot matrix pattern to create the print.

They are very slow and noisy, which is why they are no longer used for most types of printing, however they are ideal for these types of usage.

These are the most commonly found office printers and how they work. You are unlikely to see any more advanced printing equipment than the laser models described here in an office unless the industry they work in directly relates to printing or they produce high volumes of printed literature.

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