Amazon vs. Supermarkets – Pros and Cons of Each

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Online ShoppingShopping online has become the most convenient way to shop for everything from clothing to cupcakes.  Amazon Grocery and Amazon Fresh is one of the top retailers for groceries online.  For some shoppers, online groceries are the next best thing to sliced bread; however, for others they still want to hold and touch each item before they purchase it. In general, several pros and cons can be seen when comparing Amazon to supermarkets.


Pros of Amazon vs. Supermarkets

  • Variety – Shopping online offers much more variety than shopping in a supermarket.  You have access to national brands, organic foods and ethnic varieties than in a grocery store.
  • Save time & gas – Buying groceries at Amazon saves time because you do not need to travel to the grocery store nor wait in line to checkout.  It also saves you money in gas because the groceries are coming to you rather than you going to get them.
  • More convenient – Grocery shopping at Amazon is more convenient than going to the supermarket.  You can shop online at your convenience any time of day or night.  You can also shop from any location provided you have the internet.
  • Comparison shopping is easier – With more variety and details at the touch of a button, comparison shopping is much easier online than in the grocery store.
  • Less physical work – Ordering groceries online means no loading or unloading from your car.  Never standing in the rain putting groceries into the trunk or sweating profusely while unloading them at home.

Cons of Amazon vs. Supermarkets

  • Cannot use coupons – Even with online discounts, you may not receive the same discounts you would in a B&M store by using coupons.
  • Weekly specials – Supermarkets run special ads each week offering substantial discounts on certain items.  You may save more money shopping for these items in a B&M store than online at Amazon.
  • Returns are not as easy – If you are unhappy with an item, it is more difficult and inconvenient to return the item to Amazon than to exchange it at your local supermarket.
  • Shipping time – When you buy groceries at the supermarket, you bring them home with you rather than waiting up to a week or more to get them from Amazon.
  • Shipping costs – You must be careful when shopping online to watch the shipping costs. These costs may add more to your bill than you are saving by shopping online.
  • Too many items – Shopping online for groceries often means shopping in bulk.  You may be required to buy more of an item you want or need if you shop for groceries online.

One thing supermarkets are good at is storing frozen and other kinds of food that’s difficult to store. For that purpose they use walk-in coolers that several companies, including this one provides. In order for Amazon to compete properly with supermarkets, they’ll have to become and act more like a supermarket. Will they do that? Time will tell. Amazon vs. Supermarkets – Pros and Cons of Each.  This is a guest post.

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