Angry Birds Addiction

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iphone-and-lego-manWhen I saw that Angry Birds were branching out into other materials, I felt that the fad had gotten a little out of hand.

You can buy basically anything with the Angry Birds on it.

There are Angry Birds toothbrushes and toothpaste, Angry Birds school supplies including pencils and notebooks, Angry Birds plush dolls, Angry Birds bed sheets, Angry Birds t-shirts and hats, and Angry Birds toys.

You can’t walk ten feet in a Wal-Mart or Target without seeing one of the Angry Birds or their green pig advisories.

I was a fan of the original game and I downloaded the Google Chrome web browser just to play it. The levels were challenging enough to keep the game entertaining, but not too hard that the game ever got discouraging for me.

I also enjoyed the looks I got from people when I said the game was nothing but physics when you boiled it down: trajectory, momentum, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, etc. I don’t really get the Angry Bird phenomenon, though.

I played the game. It was fun…I always thought that making the birds kamikaze themselves for the sake of a few stolen eggs was a bit of an overreaction though.

And after the beat all stages of the original game, I attempted to play the Angry Birds Space expansion. After about two levels, though, I got bored and stopped playing.

People I know went crazy for the game, though. They beat all the levels on all the expansions to unlock everything in the games. They even played the Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Star Wars games.

It was like Farmville before it or Candy Crush after it because people seemed to get addicted to the game. I knew people who would choose to play Angry Birds, alone in a dark room being lit only by their computer screen, instead of going out and socializing with their friends in restaurants, parks, and cafés.

Even when they were out with their friends, they would usually be playing it on their touch screen phones. You could tell when they were trying to hide it in public, too, because they would disappear in the bathroom for ten or twenty minutes and come back with glassy eyes.

Maybe it was the humor game play or the easy controls, maybe it was humanities inherit desire to protect and save the helpless, or maybe it just tickled people to see birds launch themselves out of catapults and destroy flimsily built forts, exploding into a poof of feathers while they did it, but something about this game took the world by storm.

More than that, some people seemed to get downright addicted to the game. They would get the shakes if they went twenty minutes without playing the game. They spent absurd amounts of money on everything Angry Birds.

Their loved ones would hold interventions and beg for them to seek help and they would insist there was nothing wrong with them. That they were just playing the game to learn their physics.

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