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We mothers have always had it tough. Whether we are staying at home or balancing career and family, it is still us that is usually sending the kids off to school, cleaning the house, attending soccer practice, cooking nutritious meals, preparing school projects, helping with the finances, and keeping everyone happy. I don’t even remember the last time I had a moment with nothing to do but relax.

Fortunately, modern technology has produced some specifically crafted apps that cater to making this madness manageable. Whether it is for keeping track of your child’s medications or keeping tabs on grocery lists, these apps make life easier.

1. Cozi Family Organizer

The thing about motherhood is that it does not end when the clock strikes six. As the family’s designated driver, cook, housekeeper, security guard, alarm clock, coach, and guidance counselor, we are hard at work day in and day out.

With the Cozi Family Organizer, you can help keep your tangled lives in order. Finally, you can have someone, besides yourself, to see to it that all your to-do-lists and chores are completed each day. This app also comes with a centralized calendar and journal that your entire family can access. With the help of this software, you will never have to miss your son’s basketball practice, your little one’s ballet recital, or your husband’s office party.

2. The Weather Channel

You have to be ready to protect your family from any and all types of weather conditions. Unfortunately, you do not have the luxury of always listening to the news or constantly surfing the Internet for weather reports. But with the weather channel application installed right in your mobile phone, you can have unlimited access to an array of weather maps. This software also includes a notification bar that displays the current weather alerts and temperatures for your area, as well as a one-week forecast to keep you prepped for the remainder of the week.

3. Mom Maps

This tool is especially useful to moms who are always on the prowl for child-friendly parks, restaurants, and museums nearby. Using your phone’s GPS, this unique application will zero in on areas you and your little ones can visit.

4. RedLaser

Given your tight schedule, taking a few hours off to go to the mall and scour for good finds rarely happens. If you are one of those who hardly has any time to spare to go shopping, then the RedLaser app will help you keep track of special discounts and inventory sales at your local shops or online stores.

5. Recipe Search

Last on the list is a must have application that can help transform you into a cooking mama. With Recipe Search, you can simply type in whatever ingredients you have in your fridge and this software will instantly send you a list of recipes that make use of what you already have on hand.

With these tools, you can finally have a little bit of time left from your busy schedule to relax and unwind.

This is a guest post.  Brenda knows the insanity of being a busy mom. When not doing a million things for her own family, you’ll usually find her helping soon-to-be mothers looking for a pregnancy due date calendar or an ovulation calendar for girl versus boy predictions.

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