Apps Explained for Non-Techies

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mobile apps explainedOnce upon a time there was the mobile phone that sent calls and texts. Then the smartphone came along and now we all have apps to make our lives easier.

What are Apps?

App is simply short for application and there are some which are already included with the phones (these will vary from handset to handset) and those which can be downloaded.

Some of these incur a small fee while others are free of charge. App is just another word for software or program. The app store for Android contains hundreds of thousands of apps so there is something to suit everyone.

Different Apps for Different People

Apps that will suit a woman at home will not be the same ones used by a student. Many of them are designed to help you to get organised and make life easier. You can set reminders for yourself, use them for online banking and do your weekly shop all from your mobile phone. Many people take advantage of the apps for entertainment purposes.

Photo Apps

One good example is the app called Animoto which will help you to create short videos and there are plenty of others for recording sounds. Apps for editing film and photos are also very popular at the moment and these can also make it very easy to upload the finished product to your social networking site.

A popular app at the moment is Instagram. Here you can post photos and share them with others via your social networking sites. Alternatively opt for Postagram – a photo designed like a postcard.

Social Media Apps

Social media apps have to be among the most popular. There are very few people these days who are not signed up to at least one of the social networking sites. Facebook and Twitter have millions of members and it can be hard to keep track of updates.

There are several apps around that will allow you to combine your news feeds for each of these and you can update all of them in one go. This is perfect for those who want to update these sites while on the move as there is no need to log on to the site in the first place.

Business Apps

Business users will find plenty of apps that can help them to co-ordinate meetings and even hold meetings while they are on the move. The smartphone – and the apps! – has helped to revolutionise the way people live and work and it would be a shame to let all of this pass you by.

Apps for Everything

Add on apps that give you up to the date local news, weather reports, tell you where the nearest restaurant is or apps that can help you to find what you are looking for while you are out shopping. Why not download an app that can give you a daily horoscope or one that will do a tarot reading for you?

Design Your Own Apps

If you think you can do better than the app designers then why not give it a go? There are some app stores that will allow third party apps to be posted, even if they are free apps.

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