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People are using their smartphones for far more than just calls and texting. Mobile phones are used to pay for purchases, check prices, check email and surf the Internet. Although iPhones are a traditional favorite, Samsung’s blockbuster sales success with the Galaxy S II model in late 2011 brought Android smartphones far into the limelight.

Android users are often technology-oriented, so it comes as no surprise that they use their mobile phones for banking and budgeting as well. Below are a few of the top Android apps for personal finance management or household budgeting.

1. You Need A Budget (YNAB): This paid app costs $4.99, but it offers the convenience and versatility that cheaper apps just don’t provide. The single drawback to this mobile phone app is that you must have the PC app loaded onto your desktop or laptop for syncing: The mobile app won’t work without it. Once you have both apps loaded appropriately, you’re ready to create, maintain, update and revise your budget on one of the best budget apps on the Android Market.

It is so easy to enter a transaction into your YNAB budget that you could have it registered before you leave the store! Check your budget balance at a glance to help avoid overspending. View histories on all budget accounts registered in the apps, and with the syncing ability, update both records at once. Multiple Android devices can sync together for complete and current information made available to everyone authorized – spouse, sons and daughters can help mind the budget just as easily as the primary budget account holder: Everyone is kept “in the loop.”

Both the PC app and the mobile app are available on a free trial basis for exploration before purchase. But even after purchase, you aren’t left “high and dry”: You still get a 30-day, money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

2. Easy Money: Rated #1 in Android budget apps in early 2011, this mobile app is even better today. The smartphone app provides a virtual checkbook register, a bills-due reminder, a customizable budget planner, complete with an expense tracker. Interactive graphs and reports help you compare spending habits, isolate problem areas, and evaluate cash flow patterns, whether static – the “right now picture – or dynamic, the “revolving times.”

Easy Money makes spot-checking budgets and specific expenses or categories very, very easy: When you’re in a hurry, opt for the color-coded graphs and bars that reflect “financial health” of a budget category. Don’t misread a number: See colors and bar graphs instead.

Program not only recurring bills, such as utility, phone, cable, rent or mortgage, insurance and car payments, into Easy Money but also one-off expenses that will come due: Pay your credit bill balance for gas last month in full, for instance. The reminder system works in both billing scenarios.

Take photos of bills and receipts for easy electronic records-keeping and never worry about tossing it with the plastic bag when you get home. Both of these apps for Android mobile phones are among the top apps, say both users and expert reviewers. Take your pick: You get quality budget control with either of them.

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