Can Your Smartphone Get A Virus?

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cell phone securityThe simple answer to the question is yes.  Smartphones work in a similar way to your computer and as such they are very vulnerable to infection from viruses as you connect to the internet to download apps, music and other features.

Even from reputable download sites, your smartphone may be at risk.  All that has happened with the 3g mobile phones is that developers have created another sphere for virus developers and hackers to work with.  So how can your phone get a virus?

Downloading Apps

Downloading apps is one of the main causes of infections.   The app itself will give the creators access to a lot of information on your mobile phone and this is something that you agree to when you download the app in the first place.

Once the virus has access to this information then it can wreak havoc.  Those who have virus protection on their mobile phone will find that it scans the app before it is downloaded and will give you a report if there is any threat.

Internet Downloads

The internet has long been a source of infection for computers and now it poses the same risk for a mobile phone.  If you are downloading internet content such as TV shows then you need to be careful as an unprotected handset could easily pick up a virus this way.  Having the virus protection means that you can scan the file when it has been downloaded and then choose to delete it if the report red-flags it.

Computer Connections

Connecting to an infected computer can also cause a problem as the virus can easily pass from one to another.  Many people will connect their mobile phone to their PC in order to upload photos or download music but this is not a good idea if neither device has virus protection.

Email Attachments

Attachments on emails are one of the easiest ways to pass a virus on to another device so when using your smartphone to check your emails be very careful about the attachments that you open.

If you can ignore those that you do not recognise as well as those that are so obviously spam you can help to keep your smartphone safe from infection.  Some viruses are able to make the email seem real though so it is a good idea to make use of virus software to have it all scanned in advance.


Using a Bluetooth connection can also cause a problem.  You can pick up a virus from another device without being connected to it via a Bluetooth connection.  The anti-virus software that you add to your phone should be able to scan the Bluetooth as well as the rest of the features on the handset.

Protect Your Phone

Protecting your phone from infection is becoming increasingly important as more and more of us are choosing to store personal data on our handsets.  This data can be used to access bank accounts and generally disrupt our lives so the cost of protecting your phone is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Phil Turner bought anti-virus apps for his family’s 3g mobile phones and is now confident that their data and phones are safe.

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