Could Computer Forensics Answer Questions about Aurora Shooter?

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The police, the prosecutors, the psychologists, and the defense will all have their own stories of what happened in Aurora, Colorado when James Holmes went on his shooting rampage. Differing opinions from those who were there, those who are trying the case, and those who want to understand what was happening in the mind of the killer will take form. They need every bit of evidence that they can find to come up with the truth behind what happened, and computer forensics specialists might hold the key to understanding more of the facts and more of the state of mind of the shooter. Someone with computer forensics training can help.

The Computer Forensics Specialists

An individual or team with computer forensics training is going to be able to go through the computers and electronic devices, and may be able to gain more insight into what was happening in the mind of the killer. In most cases, the police are going to seize computers, phones, and other devices that hold electronic information, and they will let their computer forensics team – or an outside team contracted with them – start to examine the evidence. The specialists are going to be able to get into the devices and retrieve data and information, including information deleted and probably thought long gone by the suspect.

The specialists will be able to find evidence and ensure that it remains intact and admissible in court. One of the things that make this case different from so many others that involve mass shootings is that the suspect is in custody. Most of the time, they commit suicide or go out in a “blaze of glory”. With the suspect in custody, law enforcement and psychologists will be able to interview and dig for information from the mind of the killer, while the specialists with computer forensic training will be able to dig into the electronic and virtual world of the killer.

Together, they should be able to come up with a solid picture of the suspect’s life leading up to the incident, and this can help to give them more insight into what happened and why. Getting to the “why” of situations such as this is never easy, and it could be psychological degradation, disillusionment with current position in life, or any number of other things. Those are for the psychologists to discuss. The computer forensics experts are only interested in the facts and empirical data on the electronic devices.

Those who are in the field have a feeling that the computer forensics teams should be able to uncover quite a bit of information. Because of the suspect’s age – 24 years old – it is likely that he had a robust online life. With the various social networks to correspondence with others on the web, they should find a mountain of evidence through which they will have to sift and try to find information relevant to the case. Once they have they information, they will be able to provide it to law enforcement.

Getting This Type of Job is Possible

Have you ever thought about becoming a forensic specialist? In the world of law enforcement today, they play an integral role in helping to solve all manner of cases. Getting computer forensics training is going to require that you find a great school that offers the classes and that you love of computers and digital devices. One has to be able to keep up with all of the technological changes as well. While these types of shooting tragedies are fortunately rare, you can be sure that your career in computer forensics will bring you in contact with a host of different types of cases.

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