Data Center Migration: Top 5 Things to Consider Before Making A Move

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data center serversChoosing a data center to house servers and establish technical infrastructure is never a snap decision. To be successful, the process requires researching solutions before finally settling upon one that includes all of the features and benefits required for the business.

Below are 5 top issues that businesses should consider in making the most informed decision possible when selecting a data center for outsourcing routine IT projects such as programming and troubleshooting maintenance tasks.

1. Professional Data Center Services. Outsourcing data center services to professional data center companies that specialize in custom data center applications, colocation and managed cloud services is essential so that businesses may focus on providing customer service, rather than attending to the technical details associated with the business. For instance, QTS data centers located nationwide provide:

a. Individual Business Centers
b. General Business Services
c. Shipping and Receiving
d. Secured Office Space
e. Meeting Spaces

2. Company Growth. The company’s business goals will be an essential aspect to consider in determining the best data center for its purposes. IT staff will be dealing with a multitude of tasks, like incorporating and optimizing applications, administering multiple technologies and managing service interruption crises.

Additionally, the hardware systems and software components require the ability to delicately balance the two for optimum performance. Therefore, the data center chosen should be poised to address all of those concerns as they relate to anticipated company growth.
3. Data Security. Many firms use software and services to handle their most mission-critical tasks. Therefore, the safety and security of all information is paramount. The availability of IT management staff at the data center is also key to manage these core functions.

The information technology infrastructure includes equipment, software, systems, and services that are used by the organization to support all of its internal and external projects and missions. Since managing an IT infrastructure can be such a massive task, outsourcing these services is the most logical solution.

For instance, building security can be handled by a data center that offers security systems or guards the premises continually.

4. Redundancy. At a minimum there should be primary backup solutions in place for all critical components such as power, HVAC and fire suppression. Additionally, secondary backup solutions should exist in case of a primary backup failure. For instance, data center power feeds might be supplied by UPS electricity which has redundant feeds from independent substations with multiple backup generators.

5. Multi-Function Technical Admin Support Services. Effective data center migration requires participation from many work groups. By transferring and outsourcing all of a company’s day to day IT tasks to an IT infrastructure support company, the on-site staff may focus upon the strategic side of these IT functions. This is critical, since companies must continuously innovate by creating new products and services in order to compete effectively. As a result, outsourcing these strategic technical functions has a great deal of value to the company’s bottom line.

Typical data center projects can take from 12 to 18 months from inception. However, in order for companies to maintain as well as grow, staff must always be in a position to service them. Outsourcing data center migration tasks provides the opportunity for building positive relationships with customers and planning business expansion.

Valerie Stout Cyrus is a freelance writer who frequently researches technology issues. She has found that QTS nationwide data centers offer resiliency in a high-security environment with around the clock support.

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