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Software developers are the reason why you can read this article on the Web. They are the people behind your browser, email client, office suite, mobile apps- basically just about anything that can run on a computer. Without them, these technologies that we enjoy today would not exist.

Computer programmers or software developers perform important roles in the IT industry. Some create software applications that allow end-users to perform tasks on their computers and gadgets, while others would create the fundamental systems that can control computer networks and devices. Their education usually consists of a degree or diploma in computer science, programming, information technology and other related fields. A developer’s responsibilities may vary from company to company, but their usual tasks include:

1. Reviewing and maintaining systems.

2. Writing code for ongoing projects.

3. Testing software in a controlled environment

4. Participating in software developments.

5. Preparing software training manuals and tutorials for users.

Other necessary traits to be a successful software developer are:

1. Excellent programming skills.

A thorough knowledge in at least one or more programming languages (especially modern languages like Ruby or Python) is a must. Most employers look for those with experience in PHP, Java, Oracle, Linux, C++ and Linux. There’s always a high demand for developers who know their way around these languages and programs.

2. Familiarity with industry standard hardware and software.

These are the tools and equipment that a developer needs to do his or her job successfully.

3. Communication skills.

Working on a software development project usually involves communicating with a whole team of people.

4. An eye for the smallest of details.

Software engineers and developers should be able to spot problems as they appear.

What Makes a Good Software Developer/ Programmer?

1. Studying

Companies usually provide training for their junior employees. But developers/ programmers who excel at their chosen fields constantly study new trends in the industry. They always go beyond what they’ve learned during training. Sometimes, they also undergo new software training to keep their minds fresh and up-to-date with the latest developments in IT.

A great way to improve programming skills is to read code written by others. This method allows newbie programmers to familiarize themselves with a programming language fast. They can also pick up new methods and techniques for them to utilize in future assignments.

2. Enjoying the Job

Passion always builds excellence. When people love what they do, the better they become at performing their jobs. The same goes for those who work in the IT industry and other computer-related professions.

Google allows their employees to allocate twenty percent of their work time for personal assignments. This time could be used on projects that they are genuinely interested in. A lot of innovative products have resulted from this system, including the famous Gmail and Google News service.

The same concept can be used for software developers. It pays to do projects that are not company mandated. They could do web or mobile apps on the side for fun and for practice. The important thing is to really immerse and enjoy one’s self with his or her chosen career.

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