Don’t Back Up Your PC To A Single Pen Drive

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flash driveIf you’re a competent computer user then the chances are you use a laptop or a desktop at home to do a whole lot of things, from working from home and surfing the internet to sending emails and storing your digital photographs and music collection.

And by no means are you alone. Many millions of people around the world now use computers on a daily basis to organise their lives and the truth is that they’d be lost without that single piece of electrical equipment.

Is your data protected?

It’s for this reason that it is all the more surprising so many of those people who treasure their computers and the data they contain fail to protect their treasured possessions.

Despite hearing horror stories of computer hard drives malfunctioning and people losing family photographs going back a decade, many people still fail to look after their data and ensure they have a copy to fall back on should the worst happen.

Don’t bother backing up? You’re not alone

If you’re reading this and thinking that you’ve never backed-up once, never mind every week, then you’re not alone. Research into the subject found that relatively few people actually bother to protect their data on a regular basis.

While companies tend to be far more proactive about the process, when it comes to private individuals and their data, only 7 per cent of people are believed to back-up on a daily basis.

Double that number do so on a weekly rotation, while an estimated 28 per cent claim to do so on a monthly basis. That still leaves more than two thirds of people who never back-up at all, ever.

No excuses – there’s even a dedicated day!   

Forgetting to back up now and again is understandable – we all lead very busy lives after all. However, forgetting completely is inexcusable, especially when there is a whole day in the year that’s dedicated to reminding people.

The issue has been considered so important there is now an annual World Backup Day, which takes place on March 31. Organisers say that one of the main problems is an attitude of complacency, with most people thinking “it’ll never happen to me”.

Their message is “don’t be so sure” and get backed-up so you can at least be sure that if your computer does start making awful groaning noises, you won’t be left crying over spilt data.

Back-up properly

Getting into the habit of backing-up data regularly is great, but it is important to remember to do it properly. “If a job is worth doing” and all that.

Making a copy of your data and storing it on a pen drive next to your computer does not constitute making a secure copy of your data. What if you lost it? What if there was a fire or a burglary, the chances are you’d lose both copies.

Ideally you should have a hard drive backup kept on a quality device (not some cheap clip drive from the market) and that should be kept off-site.

For most people, backing-up every day is never going to happen, but getting into the habit of making a fresh copy every week is achievable. So don’t waste time – get and make a copy of your precious data now before it disappears.

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