Dumbfounding Feats of Ancient Engineering

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Engineering represents the ultimate culmination of years of refinement in development techniques. Ancient civilizations, however, have created engineering projects that seem impossible considering the state of technology at the time. When looking at the Pyramids of Giza, for example, it is hard to imagine how these ancient civilizations managed to create these structures and items that would be difficult to create with modern technology.

The impressive nature of these feats of engineering have lead many to argue that the cultures must have had help, and some have even suggested that aliens must have dropped by to help. After all, if people today cannot fully explain these feats, does that not imply that outside help must have been necessary?

Of course, these theories are far-fetched, and there is a must simpler explanation: Humans are remarkably intelligent, innovative and prone to creating mind-blowing feats of engineering when driven and properly equipped. People today are lucky that these structures and inventions have stood the test of time.

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