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Universally, our biggest priorities at the moment seem to be staying innovative and keeping on top of new technologies and gadgets, along with saving money and staying environmentally aware. As a result of this, we are seeing an increasing amount of ‘energy saving gadgets’, designed to be more ecological, whilst still satisfying our needs to stay technologically savvy.

Here are 6 of the best that are on the market at the moment.

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Orange Power Wellies

Amazingly, these willies are able to charge your phone using the heat from your feet!

These are great for festivals or camping weekends – simply plug your phone into the socket provided on the welly and let the power generated via converted heat do the rest of the work. Apparently, around 12 hours of walking will generate enough power to charge your phone for an hour.

iZen Keyboard

This keyboard is made of 92% bamboo and is actually the first eco-friendly Bluetooth keyboard available today.

It’s production creates little to no waste and is completely renewable and recyclable. Furthermore, it’s cutting modern design means that you don’t need to compromise on style at all.

Wired Bamboo Mouse

This computer mouse, designed by Bambooki, is a revolutionary product made from 100% biodegradable bamboo material – perfect for the eco-conscious.

Bedol Water Powered Clock

With this new gadget, your energy saving ways can start from the moment you wake up, literally. This clock runs on salt water, which corrodes the clock’s electrodes, releasing electrons to provide power. At the moment it just tells the time, rather than working as an alarm clock, but it can go weeks without a refill which is pretty impressive.

Dell Studio Hybird

Dell’s new green computer system has an energy-efficient power supply and it’s external shell is made from bamboo. Despite this, it still has the power and capabilities you’d expect from any state of the art computer system, which isn’t bad considering it uses a fraction of the normal power.

To top it off, the packaging is almost completely recyclable and 75% less printed instructions are included than in normal systems.

Voltatic Generator Laptop Bag

This is not any ordinary laptop bag – it comes complete with solar panels on the sides, the energy of which is then stored in an onboard battery to charge your laptop (or phones, ipods etc) directly. The only thing is, you need sunshine for this to work, and unfortunately there is no gadget for this yet…

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