Fun Ways To Use Siri On The IPhone 4s

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siri_functionsSiri made ‘her’ first appearance on the iPhone 4s, showing up on the next version of iPhone too, as well as the iPad.

While technically, you can make this digital assistant male or female, many refer to it as her, often because the female option is more popular.

What this tool does is simple – using your voice, and working to understand your accent and location and even your contacts and life, Siri helps you plan things with ease. There is even talk of driving tools that will be developed using this tool, which will act as a new generation hands-free. For now though, let’s take a look at what Siri can do…

What Can Siri Help You With Today?

First up, you can get help with some of the more basic things you may require. Like finding a place to grab some chow perhaps, or seeing what is worth watching on the movie scene.

  • Sporting updates – ask Siri for baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer scores, bring up schedules and even to show you game stats on your favourite team.
  • Head to the movies – you can also get Siri to give you movie schedules, look up movie facts, play you trailers, call up some reviews give you other tips when choosing movies to see.
  • Find a restaurant – once Siri knows your area, she can also search for restaurants nearby… or make reservations by social media. She can bring up photos and reviews too.
  • Dictate lists or notes – who needs typing when you can dictate your notes instead? People with Siri certainly don’t need to let their fingers do the talking.
  • Browse the web – as an added perk, Siri can also search the web on voice command, and even update your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Then, there are the more unusual requests. Hopefully you won’t actually ever need (or want) to ask for real, but Siri responses alone make these worth a mention…

  • Hiding a body – asking this question will give you a list of possible options, which range from swamps to metal foundries, mines, dumps and reservoirs. Note: best not to put this one to the test.
  • Find out the meaning of life – you can even ask Siri to get serious, although you may not be fully satisfied with her answer to this all-important, age old question.
  • Trick questions – if you’re feeling in the mood for some entertainment, you can also amuse yourself for hours asking any manner of trick questions to test Siri’s knowledge.

Wondering how to set up this very cool tool on your phone? It’s a lot easier than you’d think – head to the Home screen and tap the microphone icon to get started, then simply follow the prompts from there.

You may find that this is your new best tool, or you may find a whole new range of things to ask. Whatever the case, there is no doubt that for Apple fans, Siri is one of the best features on the iPhone 4s.

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