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Xperia MSony has been a major player in the technology industry for over 60 years.

The Japanese multinational conglomerate is an entity that has diversified with a range of different electrical products.

In the 1970s and 80s the name Sony was synonymous with most of the electrical products used by individuals everyday such as  TVs, Walkmans, Camcorders as well as the ubiquitous ‘ghetto blasters’ seen on just about every American sidewalk.

In recent times, the company has made an even bigger name for itself in the constantly evolving mobile and Smartphone market.

Their partnership with Ericsson made them one of the biggest players in the business and dialing their way to success.

With competition being notoriously cut throat where smartphones are concerned, the company has consistently stayed ahead of the game by releasing an array of revolutionary devices which seem to cater for all self respecting mobile techies.

The Xperia series has been extremely popular with customers all over the world. Their latest addition to the range is the Xperia M. This handset is the fourth in the series and comes after the Xperia SP, Xperia L and the top of the range, Xperia Z.

Features of the Xperia M

The Xperia M is expected to be a top seller and is unique to the rest of the Xperia devices since it is geared with a more affordable budget in mind.

The handset is considered by many to be the baby of the bunch and reflects a different direction for the company in terms of pricing strategy.

The phone itself is expected to be available on sale by late 2013 but there hasn’t been any indication as yet to what the actual price of the handset will be.

Of course just because the price is expected to be a lot lower than previous models, we shouldn’t assume that there will be a compromise on the specifications. Far from it.

The Xperia M will have some very impressive features such as a large 4 inch 854 x 480b screen which is comparable to that of the new iPhone 5. It will also have the benefit of a 1GHz dual core processor which will provide for lightening fast performance.

The Xperia will also run on the critically acclaimed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system which some say leaves the iOS of Apple firmly in the shade. Users who like to take lots of photos will be particularly pleased with the 5MP camera which has the benefit of being rear facing with an Exmore RS Sensor.

Any Draw Backs For the Xperia M?

However, this phone does have some drawbacks. The main one being that the 4GB of storage is rather disappointing when other devices on the market offer up to four times this amount.

There is an option to add an SD memory card but many potential customers might think larger storage should come as standard these days.

The Xperia should be a worthwhile contender in the lower budget echelons with its arrays of connectivity options and a very capable battery. The phone itself comes with the options of either single or dual SIM card slots.

The appearance of the phone is pleasing and there is also the advantage of scratch resistant glass which should make sure it’s kept looking in tip top condition. It’s not a brick either being only 115g and is available in the standard black and white as well as purple and yellow which adds to the fun element for the younger users.

Customers will be able to make their judgements on the phone in the next few months when the Xperia M finally hits the shelves.

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Author: Jenn was a fan of the iPhone but now the Xperia M has caught her attention. She mainly uses her phone for photography and cheap international calls through the dial to save services. What will you be using your Xperia for?


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