How Big is the Internet of the Future?

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How Big is the Internet of the Future

Every day, the Internet grows larger and larger. Since many people own more than one Internet-connected device, the total number of devices connected to the Internet is expected to increase exponentially in the future.

A recent research study showed that the average citizen in the United States owned four different devices that can be used to connect to the Internet. This includes devices like cell phones, computers, tablets, laptops, media players, televisions and more.

In the future, people themselves may be connected to the Internet. Several researchers are working on different ways to incorporate electronic devices into the body. This may make looking up information as easy as thinking about it. However, this technology may still be a few decades away from reality.

In the future, devices that connect to the Internet may become ubiquitous. Since current Internet devices require some effort to turn on and maintain, they can be a headache to some people. However, that may change.

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