How Big is the World’s Largest Company?

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How Big is the World's Largest Company

Apple is the world’s largest company according to market capitalization, and the contest is not even close. Apple has some $100 billion on its nearest rival in the market cap battle, and it is still growing.

The company has been able to credit some 40% of its revenue to the iPhone alone, but this is not the only popular product that it makes. There is also the iPad of which the latest version sold some 3 million within the first 72 hours of its release. That averages out to 11 iPads being sold every second!

The growth of this company has made its sales numbers top the GDP figures from 160 of the world’s nations. Most notably on that list is the country of New Zealand. This one company was able to produce more cash than entire countries!

In 2011 alone there were 72 million iPhones sold. This is equal to the weight of the Eiffel Tower. That alone shows the vastness of this company.

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