How Cloud Computing Can Change Your Business

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What exactly is cloud computing?

Can cloud computing really change your business? It’s just another (boring) IT buzzword, right? Wrong! Cloud computing can actually revolutionize your business, completely changing the way you work. But how?

Well, if you’re a little unsure of what it actually is, cloud computing basically means that instead of storing your business data backup, software, applications etc. on your server in your office, you store them on somebody else’s server away from your office.

This will be the servers of your IT or cloud provider and the servers will be stored in a data center. And you access that data using a remote internet connection.

Why? Well, (and this is how it changes your business), by storing your data in a central location and accessing it remotely, you can effectively work from anywhere. Anywhere with a reliable internet connection that is. So, suddenly your office full of staff becomes an office full of flexible workers.

They can work from home, from a client site, a hotel, café or restaurant, the airport, abroad. From a laptop, desktop, iPad or iPhone…. Suddenly, you are giving your employees a lot more options and increasing productivity at the same time. A thoroughly more modern way of working that fits in with the lifestyles and progress of many workers and businesses.

It’s ideal for field workers, home workers and business travel and perfect for multi-sited businesses. And it gives you the opportunity to boost productivity and grow your company outside the bounds of four square walls, taking your business with you wherever you (and your staff) go.

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