How To Convert The Video To MP4

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woman on laptopIt is often said that to share is to care. Be it that funny video you took on your phone at birthday party or a special movie that you want to watch with a loved one.

But there are factors to be kept in mind as sometimes the format of the video file is not supported by the media player being used.

Of the various file formats, MP4 is supported by Safari browser as well as on iPhones and iPads.

In this article we shall see how a video can be converted to a .MP4 format.

Converting a video consists of two aspects,

  • File format
  • Compression scheme
    A file format is the specific way that we encode and store data in a computer file. The MP4 files are generally used to contain MPEG media files, including audio, video as well as presentation files.The compression scheme is basically used to dispose of as much amount of information bytes without having any negative effect on the viewing of the is a container that can hold video encoded of either MPEG-4 or H.264. So you can use either MPEG-4 or H.264 for video compression for converting to a .MP4 file. Generally the H.264 is preferred because it is more efficient for the compression. For a given file size, H.264 compression gives better video quality.

    Generally the device used to create the video, e.g. your personal video camera will have the software necessary to convert it to a .MP4 file. If it does not, then there are different converters available on the internet which can easily carry out this process, like

  • Super
  • Koyote Video Converter (for Windows)
  • Free Video Converter ( for Windows and Macintosh)
  • Miro Video Converter (open source; for Windows and Macintosh)
  • Simple Theora Encoder (for Macintosh)

You can also use Adobe Video Encoder to convert a video to MP4 format. To do that, follow these steps

1. You can use Adobe Video Encoder 5 or 5.5. Open it and there is a “+” button on top of the page. Click it to add the video file that you want to convert.

2. Click on the file format that you want to convert the video into, in this case H.264 (or MPEG-4) for MP4. Also click on the Preset menu and choose the best suited target output, for example your Apple iPhone. The aspect ratio can also be adjusted accordingly to suit your target output the best

3. Click the Start Queue button to initiate the compression.

  • All the names of converters given above in the list are just as simple and easy to use. You do not have to know the intricacies and be too technically sound to convert your video into a MP4 file to watch in your iPhone or iPad as well as the Safari Browser.So convert all your videos and share around with your friends and families and spread the simple joys of life.

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