How To Create and Set-up a Personal Timeline on Facebook

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Facebook Fan or Business Pages are a must these days

A successful business person knows that they need to reach far beyond their immediate surroundings

In the last article we created a Facebook account together and you were able to see just how easy it can be with just a little guidance. Chances are that you have built a pretty good network up so far, if not, don’t worry it can take time, but it will happen.

While socializing many of you have seen the new Timeline feature on the pages of friends and colleagues, and want one of your own, but do not know how to get one.

This is another very simple task that can be done in just minutes.

The first thing that you must decide is whether you want a personal profile (aka Timelines) or a fan page which is for business, artists, celebrities, etc. to share up to the minute information with fans worldwide.  Both are incredibly simple to set up and each has its benefits or drawbacks.

For this article let’s discuss the personal profile or Timeline.

  • Follow the prompts and enter any missing information. Remember that if you do not want something to be made public then simply do not list it.
  • Click ‘Update info’ right under the cover and fill in any missing info, but again make sure that what you include is actually something that is okay to be public.
  • It may seem obvious, however I still want to mention that you should always write down the login information as well as the secret question for future reference. I cannot tell you how many times I was positive that I was entering the correct information only to find that it was all-wrong.  By writing it down right away you can avoid serious lost time and a lot of aggravation.

  • Set the privacy settings for both the page and individual posts by using the settings link. You can set it anywhere from Public to Private and anywhere in between. Make sure to keep things clean since many young children use their parents Facebook accounts to play games and you don’t want to be the one to teach them naughty words.
  • After all of the boring set-up is out of the way its time to make the page your own. Now go in and start adding apps, stories, news about you, and anything else that you want everyone to know.  To add things just search for a keyword in the (top center) search box or enter via invites from friends then click ‘like’ or ‘add’ depending on the page.  There are many ways to personalize your page and as you work with Facebook more and more, it will be very simple to navigate or make changes.
  • And finally, the ultimate personalization – choose a photo that really represents you and what you enjoy in life. At the top of the page it says ‘Create a Cover’ – click this and upload the photo you just chose. The system will automatically create a beautiful header using this photo. It can be further personalized, however this is best for most individual profiles.

** Please note that you will have 7 days to get your Timeline set-up in the way that you want it before anyone else can see it (i.e. before it goes live to the public) as per Facebook rules.

HINT: If you have an entry that you really want seen there is an icon of a marker in the top right corner of each post. By pushing that marker ‘button’ you will highlight the entry and it will get larger taking up both sides of the page. This of course can be changed at any time. Use this whenever you have an important update or question and you want it to be noticed first.

Also good to remember is that there are levels that govern who see’s your messages. For instance if I want everyone in my network to know that I have just published a new story then I would choose ‘public’ as my visibility option so that everyone can see it. Better yet, get others to forward your entries and gain even more fans through the new exposure.

It is very simple to set-up and maintain a personal Facebook Timeline. This new feature promises to get even better as Facebook continues to make changes.


Up to now we have been working on creating a strong Facebook persona, in the next installment we will discuss setting up your first Twitter page and its many uses.

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