How To Create Your First Twitter Account And Personalize It In Just Minutes

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Twitter can really be a driving force behind your business

Twitter can really be a driving force behind your business

Even with the huge number of members already connected there are still millions of people who are too computer shy and/or don’t really understand what Twitter would mean for them.

By setting up a Twitter account you can communicate with almost anyone, anywhere very easily. The common thought is that if you are not a crazed teenager, a single guy/girl, or an internet marketer, that social networking is basically useless. Well I can tell you that this is definitely not the case.

In fact, by utilizing social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, I have been able to locate lost relatives, help my daughter by finding her a tutor, create a network of friends that I could never have met in the ‘old days’, and so much more. Of course, I also utilize Twitter in my work as a writer and marketing expert every single day, but work is far from its only use.

The sign-up process is incredibly simple and once you see how useful and simple this system is, you will wonder why you waited so long. Follow these simple steps in order to get started right now.

  • On the right side, the second box down is for a new sign-up
  • Enter your full legal name (you get to choose your user name on the next screen)
  • Enter your email and a good password – remember to write this down before you move on to the next screen and enter it really carefully because you will only enter it on a single line. The email will be plenty as you build your network up, but it doesn’t continue to be bothersome so it should not be a problem.
  • Once everything is noted and correct you can hit enter and move on to the next screen, believe it or not, you are almost done.
  • Here you will choose your user name at the bottom of the form. Next to the box there is a tool that will tell you automatically if the name you typed in is taken or available. If the name is taken there will be a row of suggestions based on your original choice directly below it. These automated options are usually no fun, but they can be useful in professional profiles.

** Please – if you are creating a profile that is racy or questionable then you may wish to rethink it. Remember that these posts and photos can be found by anyone and are almost impossible to totally erase from the internet.

Are you aware that employers now research applicants online? Or, that your current employer may also be checking on you? Yes, they will search through all of your social networks, any records they can find, anything you have published, etc. Think about your own profile and perform a Google search on your name, what comes up? Would it keep you from getting the job you really want? Well, it’s not just employers that search you out, so just be aware of the possibilities before you post. 

             Give your user name some real thought, remember that this is what everyone will see and how they will know

            or recognize you, so it is important to give it some careful consideration.

** Side note, Twitter states that this can be changed later,  but it is best to think about it from the start instead of having to reinvent yourself later and explain to everyone why these changes are happening.

  • Once you have everything entered as you want it, it’s time to move on to your brand new account. Submit your entries and the next screen is your brand new Twitter account feed.
  • Congratulations, You Did It!!!! You are on Twitter!! Now was that so hard? Please do not let social networking intimidate you or keep you from your goals. Tackle it head on and don’t back down, you can do it if you believe in yourself and in your own abilities. Play around with the profile, check out the suggested additions, and all of the great stuff found on this great site. Before long you will be an old pro at this and you can (and should) help others.

Now that your account is all set up, you will need to start building your network and to be truthful, you should never stop building it. People will fall off of your list over time for various reasons and you will add new friends, it should always be an ongoing process even if you are here just for fun.


Try searching for old school and college friends, ex co-workers, current co-workers, friends you lost touch with, family members, extended or ‘lost’ family members, people with your same interests, and just about anyone else you can think of along the way. Surely with 600 million registered users there must be at least a few people here that you might want to socialize and exchange ideas or information with.

Share your joys, share frustrations, share things you find intriguing, share anything you like. Just remember one thing; I repeat this because I want to ensure that you gain this one piece of information – once you put something online there is no taking it back or even fully deleting things, it just cannot be done.

Take the time to fill out your profile and look for some people to start with, then continue to build your network through links on your website or blog, suggestions, posting on social networks, and joining various Twitter and networking groups that help each other find the right people.

Using social networking can take you and / or your business to a whole new level when used properly. Across America and throughout the world people are finding their way to these websites every day as business (and how we go about doing business) is continuously changing.

Twitter has effectively changed the world, how we see it, and how we live in it, can you keep up?


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