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Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.  Do have any idea how many searches are submitted in Google alone each month for ‘How to Delete Facebook’ or ‘How to Delete Facebook Account’?  Well over 300,000 searches.  That’s a lot of people who have decided that the most popular social network is just not for them.

I’m sure with Facebook’s pending mandatory timeline feature coming soon, that number will increase.  Why would anyone want to leave Facebook and delete their Facebook account you might ask?  It’s simple.  Privacy and disgust.  More and more members are becoming less and less comfortable with their private lives being shared, liked, displayed and broadcasted to the masses.

Then there are those who can no longer tolerate the constant updates from their 300+, 500+ or even 1000+ friends every second of every single day.  Talk about information overload.

A small group of people who want to know how to delete Facebook have identified the emotional damage that the superficial aspect of Facebook can cause.  Therapists have long noted that the average Joe can easily become depressed or unhappy from watching and reading about the fake glamorous lives of others.  How truthful are all the updates and pictures on Facebook is another blog post for another day.  As is the love hate relationship many of us have with Facebook.

Facebook boasts an 800+ million membership.  That membership is comprised of exhibitionists, attention whores, profilers, narcissists and believe it or not, people who just want to stay in touch with their family and friends.  Facebook is indeed a great way to connect, reconnect and communicate with people we wouldn’t otherwise see or speak to.

Facebook has drawn its share of praise of criticism.   From reuniting long lost friends and family members to causing people to lose their jobs because of inappropriate posts.  Let’s not even think about the effect of Facebook on relationships.  Good grief Charlie Brown!

So let’s get to it.  You’re going to find several steps, ways and options on how to delete Facebook.  The easiest way to do so is to click on this link: How to Delete Facebook and log into your account.  The page will of course offer you alternatives to permanently deleting your Facebook account.  Come on, it’s Facebook. They want to keep their 800+ million members.

Once you click on the link to delete your account, that’s it.  You will delete your Facebook account with no way to reactivate it.

Share your Facebook stories below.  Have you contemplated leaving the most popular social network on the planet?  If so why and what’s keeping you from leaving?  Or, are you with Facebook for life?

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